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U2 became among the hottest rock & roll bands of the ’80s. They were rock & roll crusaders during an era of synthesized pop and heavy metal, equally known for their sweeping sound as for their grandiose statements about politics and religion.

U2 Net Worth $838 Million

U2 broke the record for the highest grossing tour in April 2011, taking the title from the Rolling Stones. The globe trotting tour increased the sum earned from your back catalog, merchandise and airplay to more than 6m annually. Paul Hewson (Bono), Adam Clayton, Dave Evans (the Edge, envisioned) and Larry Mullen get about one-fifth of sales each, as does manager Paul McGuinness, who also has an investment portfolio and artwork. U2’s invested career earnings lift them to 519m.

The ageless rockers are wrapping up the most lucrative tour in the history of music. From the time U2’s tour ends in summer 2011, the group may have sold $700 million worth of tickets over two years and played to more than 7 million folks.

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