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Tuatara Net Worth

Tuatara Net Worth is
$1.4 Million

Tuatara Bio/Wiki 2018

Tuatara is among the more surprising and slightly ridiculous supergroups in rock and roll history. Made up of Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Justin Harwood (Luna), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees and shrubs), and Skerik (Critters Buggin’), the quartet produced in 1996 to pursue music that their guitar-based substitute rock and roll groups cannot do – specifically, worldbeat, lounge-pop, and free of charge jazz. After playing many concerts in the Western world Coast from the U.S. in nov 1996, Tuatara documented their debut record, Breaking the Ethers, that was released in Apr 1997. Trading using the Foe implemented in 1998, and many songs from your album discovered their method into film soundtracks. It might be four years until even more recorded output from your band noticed the light of day time, but in springtime 2002 the Cinemathique recording found launch on Fast Equine Records. More focused toward lush and ethereal shades, the record was accompanied by a little U.S. tour. Two even more albums on Fast Equine were released, 2003’s Loading System and 2007’s East of sunlight.


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