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The Wolfgang Press Net Worth

The Wolfgang Press Net Worth is
$7 Million

The Wolfgang Press Bio/Wiki 2018

Enigmatic, moody, and difficult, Britain’s Wolfgang Press were probably one of the most mercurial talents from the post-punk era, restlessly shifting from gothic noise to dark balladry to eccentric funk; paradoxically, the group was also the 4AD label’s longest tenured designer – actually their stylish recording packages were all of the product from the same developer, Alberto Ricci. Created in London in 1983, the Wolfgang Press comprised vocalist Michael Allen, guitarist Andrew Grey, and keyboardist Tag Cox. Allen and Cox 1st teamed in the group Rema Rema, which also presented Adam & the Ants alum Marco Perroni; after reuniting in the short-lived quartet Mass, the duo recruited Grey, so that as the Wolfgang Press released their cacophonous, gloomy debut LP, THE RESPONSIBILITY of Mules, in 1983. An EP trilogy co-produced by Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie adopted in quick succession: while 1984’s Scarecrow was a lighter, even more streamlined affair, 1985’s Drinking water spotlighted ominously sparse torch tunes, as well as the same year’s Sweatbox explored deconstructionist pop. The Wolfgang Press’ second full-length effort, 1986’s TAKING A STAND Right, incorporated industrial and orchestral influences in to the mix, as the Big Sex EP’s “God’s Quantity” offered a soulful backing chorus, a harbinger of what to come. Certainly, after 1988’s hypnotic Parrot Wood Cage and its own leadoff solitary, “Ruler of Spirit,” introduced solid components of dub, reggae, and R&B, the trio required the entire plunge in to the dance industry with 1991’s Queer, an idiosyncratic outing admittedly influenced by De La Soul’s landmark 3 Ft High and Increasing; the first sole, a surreal cover from the Randy Newman-penned “Mama EXPLAINED Not to Arrive,” was a strike. 1995’s Funky Small Demons finished the Wolfgang Press’ changeover into white funk; ahead of its release, nevertheless, Cox exited the group’s rates.


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