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Very popular on the local level in southern Connecticut, the Wildweeds are remembered today (if) for his or her lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Al Anderson. Anderson would continue to become listed on NRBQ, however in the past due ’60s he was the lynchpin of the interesting music group. They frequently sounded such as a sort of garage area version from the Rascals, playing blue-eyed spirit with a organic edge. Their documented output was limited by several singles in the Chess subsidiary Cadet, a few of which were quite big hits within their neck from the woods, although only 1 (“No Great to Cry”) produced even a small nationwide impact, reaching amount 88 in the nationwide graphs. They weren’t exclusively a Rascals knockoff, nevertheless; also in the limited space of their four Cadet singles, they explored pretty eclectic territory, blending blue-eyed spirit with garage area rock and roll, folk-rock, and the very best sort of industrial past due-’60s AM radio spirit and pop. Al Anderson’s full-throated, growling vocals were amazing even as of this early stage, as was his songwriting. Limited mainly with their Connecticut stomping grounds, nevertheless, the group under no circumstances got to strategy its significant potential. The initial Wildweeds split up in 1969. Unpredictably, Anderson proceeded to go right into a country-rock path with a fresh version from the Wildweeds, which released a self-titled record on Vanguard in the first ’70s. Anderson documented another obscure Vanguard work being a soloist (Al Anderson) before signing up for NRBQ. In retrospect, the pretty wide-ranging reach from the Wildweeds’ repertoire provided Anderson important planning for the legendarily eclectic materials performed by NRBQ. Every one of the Wildweeds’ records have become difficult to find; you should appear hardest for the recordings with the first and hardest-rocking lineup.


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