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The Sopwith Camel gained some passing mentions in rock histories among the first SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA psychedelic era bands to record to get a national label; actually, they were the first ever to have a high 40 hit, using the vaudevillian “Hello, Hello” in early 1967. These were not really, however, one of the better San Francisco rings, nor had been they even extremely great or psychedelic. Generally they sounded such as a second-rate Lovin’ Spoonful (with whom they distributed manufacturer Erik Jacobsen), emulating the greater unfortunate camp areas of that group with sleepy, good-timey pop-folk. Employees changes delayed conclusion of their initial album until almost a season after “Hello, Hello” was popular. The record, which could have been dated got it turn out a season previously, sounded hopelessly out of contact when it finally surfaced; following the group shifted to Warner Bros., The Miraculous Hump Comes back through the Moon premiered in 1972. Those two will be the Sopwith Camel’s just albums, as well as the music group split once and for all in 1974.


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