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Tetsuro Funai Net Worth

Tetsuro Funai Net Worth is
$15 Million

Tetsuro Funai Bio/Wiki 2018

Tetsuro Funai Net Worth $750 Million

According to Forbes, he is 41st among the most affluent individuals in Japan’s 50 Richest List. He was likewise the 1153rd wealthiest billionaire in the world in the year 2012. Mr. Funai has made a bulk of his estimated net worth of $750 million through his Japanese consumer electronics company. It’s an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that supplies constructed home entertainment products like DVD players, TVS, and Blu-Ray disc recorders. Among its clients are leading corporations like Sharp, Toshiba, and Denon. Additionally, it makes printers for Dell and Lexmark. It is the primary supplier of electronic equipment to Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. Tetsuro Funai served as the business ‘s Chief Executive Officer and President until June 2008. Lately, he found his bundle fall due to the decline in the sales of the business ‘s amusement products. In January, he bought out the consumer electronics business of longtime partner Philips for $202 million.


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