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Sulaiman Al Rajhi Net Worth

Sulaiman Al Rajhi Net Worth is
$2 Billion

Sulaiman Al Rajhi Bio/Wiki 2018

Sulaiman Al Rajhi Net Worth $6 Billion

He is the fourth richest person in Saudi Arabia and is ranked 198th in the record of World Billionaires according to Forbes. Sheikh Sulaiman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Rajhi has assembled his estimated net worth of $6 billion as the chairman of Al Rahji Bank, among the largest companies in Saudi Arabia plus one of the greatest Islamic banks in the world. It is said to observe religious tenet, which can be the ban on interest. It has additionally helped the nation’s immigrants to send their earnings home to areas for example Indonesia and Pakistan. Recently, Al Rajhi has distributed his wealth among his kids and set aside a portion intended for his charity job. He actively runs his SAAR Foundation that’s funded anti-hunger efforts and education in Saudi Arabia. In 2000, it dissolved its U.S. branch, which had allegedly been linked to the financing of alleged terrorists. This also makes him among the richest and many prosperous folks in Saudi Arabia.

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