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Shirley Temple is among the most outstanding styles of the twentieth century, dancer, singer, performer and at one-point in a period- United States ambassador and Czechoslovakia to Ghana She created her film debut in age 3 and obtained international recognition as a six-year old, starring in a comedy drama Bright Eyes. Shortly following this breakthrough Shirley starred such movie successes as Heidi and Curly Best. By the conclusion of decennium the girl proved to be a nationwide idol: her picture was utilized to sell virtually all, from dishes and cocktails to wear and dolls. By the time she turned 22 Temple was therefore bored from all of the media interest that adopted her through her life that she chose to give up performing. She’s briefly returned to the show-business a decade afterwards. In the late-1960s Shirley ran for the United States Congress, but was named as the Ambassador to Ghana as an alternative. Regarding the day, Shirley Temple internet worth is approximated at $10-million.

Shirley Temple Net Worth $10 Million

All of Ms Temple’s prosperity originate directly and indirectly from her juvenile picture parts. Beginning from Vivid Eyes, she acted in various films. As her skills to impersonate multidimensional figures came in to fore, her sign ups developped successful. By 1936 it self, she was making over $200,000 from Temple-product. She supported several manufacturers from Postal Telegraph to Quaker Puffed Wheat. She then became a Board member of Nationwide Wildlife Federation, The Walt Disney Organization and Del Monte Foods and experienced several television series. After her unsuccessful run for the United States Congress, she became US ambassador twice.

Shirley was born in Ca, in a family group of George Francis and Gertrude Amelia Temple. Her dad was a bank worker, while her mum took care of the kids and staid house. Besides Shirley, George and Gertrude, who were of Dutch, German and French roots, had two sons: John Stanley and George Francis Jr. Shirley Temple internet worth would perhaps not have attained this remarkable peaks if it wasn’t for her mom, that has constantly motivated her daughter to make use of her gift for dance, singing and playing. Gertrude took her to Meglin’s Dance College, when the woman was just 3 years aged. The next year she was forged for Child Burlesks, Redhead Alibi and Frolics of Youth.

The truth that altered methods for making induce diverse methods of outlay is shown utterly by this silver screen legend. She’s all the spending characteristics of other Hollywood personas – a luxury house in Woodside,Ca, multiple automobiles and several brands utilized. She requires herself in numerous charities from the opinion of the media and people, though owning an advanced age of 8 1. Her unstinting help against breastcancer and multiple sclerosis (Multiple Sclerosis Basis), in addition to love for children keep her reside in even now. Being its embassador twice and she’s received a checkered existence together with her political aspirations, neglecting to win a seat in the Congress but triumphing in being the very first girl Chief of Protocol of US. As she confesses, she wants to sing and tap dance!

Around exactly the same time, Shirley’s mom had the thought to fashion her daughters hair in curls rings in homage to the well-known celebrity Mary Pickford. Following per year of dancing courses, Shirley entered a talent contest at her college and was shortly got a number of bit elements in brief films and modeling occupations. In 1934, when she was only six years of age, Shirley signed a deal with Fox Movies. The exact same year she got what would become her break out role in the motion picture “Stand-Up and Cheer!”. Rather shortly Shirley was the speak of the city and making $1250 per week, which can be equivalent to $22,000 after correcting for inflation. Prior to age 14, Shirley had made $3 million as a kid performer that’s identical to $3 4 million after correcting for inflation.

Shirley Temple’s existence appears to exist involving both extremes of the age spectrum – before teen and following 50! A famous person at 3, she had a line of merchandising and also a run of superhit films and was signed by Academic Pictures. She proceeded towards higher glory by registering with Fox Movies which has now become the 20th Century Fox. She did loads of comedy dramas including a lot of melodrama together with her existence. The films, although chaply produced, grossed tremendous earnings. Her performing career looked over well before, though she formally retired in 1950. But these years had won her an unique Juvenile Academy-Award among numerous others.

She was born around the 23rd of April 1928, and first appeared in the period of six in Vivid Eyes. This early part skyrocketed her to stardom, and propelled her in to such important motion pictures as Heidi and Curly Best. The greatest kid star, she peaked in a youthful age while showing as an endearing, small curly haired woman who might sing and tap dance. She used her popularity for sanction objectives, but quit in her early twenties to have a rest in the limelight after fascinating Usa’s hearts as a kid. Temple additionally became an US Ambassador after in life. Shirley Temple is an actress, singer, and dancer, was the prototype of an age. To this day her youth character continues to make the lion’s reveal of her profits.

In 1934 Temple appeared in Vibrant Eyes, the film that shifted her lifestyle forever and started her global career. In this comedy drama the kid performer impersonated Shirley Blake, a woman that has lost her dad and is residing in the home of rich but mean spirited family, where her mother works as a maid. Temple’s efficiency in this film garnered her unique juvenile Academy-Award and was unanimously commended by the critics. Shirley Temple internet worth grew in the rising speed, as the lady ascended to global stardom. Through the next decade the kid performer appeared on 10s of motion pictures, including The Small Colonel, The Littlest Rebel, Captain January, Wee Willie Winkie, Ali-Baba Goes to City, Tiny Miss Broadway, The Blue Chicken and many more.

How about her private life? In age 17 Shirley got married to an actor John George Agar, who had been 7 years her senior. The few parted techniques in 1949, after four years of union. The next year Temple fulfilled her 2nd husband, an U.S. Intelligence officer Charles Alden Black. Despite their professional achievements, Shirley Temple internet worth transcended the fortunes of both married men.

She produced a recovery in video and afterwards in politics and community life. She’d several successful tv series including her own Shirley temple Storybook. Multiple Business-obligations and public service jobs were throw on her behalf in between your own life which contained two unions – the one which terminated in divorcement together with the second continuing till the passing of Charles Alden Black in 2005.

Shirley realized authentic superstar standing following the film “Vivid Eyes” was launched. The film was composed especially for her and highlighted Shirley’s now trade mark singing skills with all the tune “On the Great Ship Lolli Pop”. The tune only sold 500,000 copies of sheet music. Shriley would go to appear in dozens more pictures, such as Curly Best, Our Little-Girl, Bad Little Rich Girl, Dimples, The Littlest Rebel, and Heidi. Several of those pictures were the best grossing films in the years they certainly were introduced. By 1940, when Shirley was 1 2 years old, her profession started to wane somewhat. At that time, deliver her to regular school and her parents chose to buy-out her deal from Fox. She did come in a couple more films and television series, but none quite captured the magic of her first attempts. In 1967 Shirley ran for Congress but dropped. She finally became the Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. She additionally served on the boards of several companies during her life, including Bank of America, The Walt Disney Organization, Del Monte and much more. Shirley Temple expired on February 10, 2014 at age 85 in Woodside, Ca.

Full NameShirley Temple
Net Worth$30 Million
Date Of BirthApril 23, 1928, Santa Monica, California, United States)
DiedFebruary 10, 2014, Woodside, California, United States
Place Of BirthSanta Monica
Height5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
ProfessionPolitician, Singer, Actor, Diplomat, Dancer
EducationHarvard-Westlake School, Meglin Dance Studio, Westlake School for Girls
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseCharles Alden Black (m. 1950–2005), John Agar (m. 1945–1950)
ChildrenLori Black, Linda Susan Agar, Charles Alden Black Jr.
ParentsGeorge Francis Temple, Gertrude Temple
SiblingsGeorge Francis Temple, Jr., John Stanley Temple
NicknamesShirley Jane Temple, Shirley Temple Black, Shirley Temple-Black
AwardsScreen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, Kennedy Center Honors
MoviesThe Little Princess, Bright Eyes, Curly Top, The Little Colonel, The Littlest Rebel, Little Miss Marker, Captain January, Heidi, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Baby Take a Bow, Wee Willie Winkie, Stowaway, The Blue Bird, Poor Little Rich Girl, Stand Up and Cheer!, Little Miss Broadway, Susannah of the ...
TV ShowsShirley Temple's Storybook
1Curly hair
Fort Apache (1948)$110,000
Since You Went Away (1944)$2,200 (per week)
Stand Up and Cheer! (1934)$75 /week
Pardon My Pups (1934)$1,000 /wk+$35,000 bonus at the end of each film to be held in trust until contract is over+$250/wk for her mother
Kid in Hollywood (1933)$150 /week
Red-Haired Alibi (1932)$50 (two days)
1We would have to invent the U.N if we did not have it, which is not an original thought.
2When I was 14, I was the oldest I ever was. I've been getting younger ever since.
3I work a 17-hour day, and I'm personally responsible for 108 staff members in the embassy.
4I ran for Congress just once.
5Good luck needs no explanation.
6Sunnybrook Farm is now a parking lot; the petticoats are in the garbage can, where they belong in the modern world; and I detest censorship.
7[on her adult experiences as a former child star] I do get pinched a lot. Mostly it's women, my peer group and even older than I am, and I'm old. They tend to want to touch. If I go on a tour I'll get pinched on the arm, the back, the cheeks, the chin. They say, "You're so cute", or "You were so cute". Then they hang on, and I come home black and blue. It's a hazard.
8I was so short that I became an expert in belts and shoes and people's hands and handbags. I learned that I liked the working crew the most, more than the stars. I liked the guys that I worked with very, very much. It was my extended family. The crew worked on almost all of my films. We had a marvelous time. I had a "Shirley Temple Police Force" and all of the crowd and various celebrities I would have join my force. I was very careful that they kept their badges polished, and if they lost them there was a big fine. If they gave them away, there was a bigger fine. We had just so much fun. I teased them a lot, too, particularly the cameramen, who had a lot of trouble with me.
9When I saw work shoes I would know that that person worked. I was very worried about people with shiny, pointed shoes as a child.
10[to the Screen Actors Guild' in 2005] I've been blessed with three wonderful careers--motion pictures and television, wife, mother and grandmother, and diplomatic services for the United States government. I have one piece of advice for those of you who want to receive the "Lifetime Achievement Award". Start early.
11I class myself with Rin Tin Tin. People in the Depression wanted something to cheer them up, and they fell in love with a dog and a little girl.
12I'm not too proud of the movies I made as a grownup except for That Hagen Girl (1947), which nobody remembers but which gave me a chance to act.
13Shirley Temple doesn't hurt Shirley Temple Black. Shirley Temple helps Shirley Temple Black. She is thought of as a friend--which I am!
14One famous movie executive who shall remain nameless, exposed himself to me in his office. "Mr X", I said, "I thought you were a producer, not an exhibitor".
15Any star can be devoured by human adoration, sparkle by sparkle.
16I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.
1She is mentioned in A.L.T. and the Lost Civilization's "Tequila.".
2She became very close to Will Rogers after signing with Fox. When Rogers died in a 1935 airplane crash, she was inconsolable for days afterwards. Studio chief Joseph M. Schenck, who was in England at the time, bought her a pony and had it shipped the US on the Queen Mary. When she learned that the pony was to be flown from New York to Los Angeles, she insisted that it be shipped by rail to avoid another crash.
3In 1967 she visited California's Legendary Road Stop the "Nut Tree" in Vacaville.
4By 1950 she earned $3.21 million but only received $44,000 in her trust and the deed to her $45,000 dollhouse after she stopped acting.
5She was a lifelong heavy smoker.
6Pictured on a 'forever' USA commemorative postage stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series, issued 18 April 2016.
7At birth her children weighed an average of 7 lbs 1 oz with her son being the smallest at 6 lbs 12 oz according to their birth announcements in the milestones columns of Time Magazines issues dated 2/9/1948 May 12th 1952 & April 19th 1954 The Girls were born in Santa Monica California while Charlie Jr was born in Bethesda Maryland.
8Was bitten on the finger by a baby alligator that belonged to exotic animal trainer Ralph Helfer.
9In 1974 she was appointed United States Ambassador to Ghana.
10In 1998 she was a recipient of Kennedy Center Honors.
11In 1969 she was appointed United States Delegate to the United Nations.
12In 1989 was appointed United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia.
13She was the last surviving film star mentioned in the song "Let's Go to the Movies" featured in the film version of Annie (1982).
14Temple was Buddy Ebsen's best friend and he used to be her dancing partner.
15She was a Girl Scout.
16On Easter Sunday 1936, Joel McCrea sent Shirley a live bunny as a gift.
17She was considered for the role of Veda Pierce in the Joan Crawford drama Mildred Pierce (1945), which went to Ann Blyth.
18In the summer of 1976 she was named Chief of Protocol for the US State Department.
19In the fall of 1974 she was appointed American Ambassador to Ghana. Her excellent record during her two years in that position prompted Henry Kissinger to refer to her as "able and tough".
20She was elected to the board of directors of Walt Disney Productions in May 1974.
21In 1972 she was sworn in as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the President's Council on Environment. It was while serving in that position that she underwent a radical mastectomy.
22She was named a delegate to the United Nations, in 1969, by President Richard Nixon.
23In 1967 she ran against Paul McCloskey in the Republican primary for California's 11th Congressional District. McCloskey won with 52,878 votes to her 34,521. One of the newspaper headlines read: "McCloskey Torpedoes Good Ship Lollypop".
24From 1964-66 she chaired the program division of the San Francisco Film Festival. She resigned that position when she objected to the "pornographic" content of Mai Zetterling's Night Games (1966).
25In 1965, she filmed a television pilot called "Go Fight City Hall" but it did not sell.
26While at MGM in 1941, Shirley's mother turned down Babes on Broadway (1941), Panama Hattie (1942), National Velvet (1944), an Andy Hardy entry and Barnacle Bill (1941) for Shirley as not showcasing the child star properly. MGM finally put her into Kathleen (1941) and settled her contract.
27Her two reputations (child star and ambassador) were once parodied on Saturday Night Live (1975). In the skit, Temple (played by Laraine Newman) is ambassador to Ghana, but still in her cute child star persona. She cutely talks Ghana's president (Garrett Morris) out of waging wars.
28Aunt of Marina Black.
29When Gary Cooper first met her on the set of their movie Now and Forever (1934), he asked for her autograph.
30She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1500 Vine St. on February 8, 1960.
31Was pregnant with daughter Linda Susan "Susie" Agar (later changed to Black), during the filming of That Hagen Girl (1947).
32While her first daughter was delivered naturally, her son and her second daughter Lori Black were delivered by Caesarean.
33Her childhood home is located in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles at 231 Rockingham Avenue.
34A vocal supporter of the Vietnam War, when running for Congress as a Republican in 1967 she consistently argued that the US needed to send more troops to Southeast Asia.
35In a 1988 interview with Larry King, she stated that out of the $3 million she generated for 20th Century-Fox she only saw $45,000 in her trust fund.
36A non-alcoholic cocktail, "The Shirley Temple", was created in her honor. It consists of ginger ale (or 7-Up), grenadine and orange juice, topped with a maraschino cherry and a slice of lemon.
37On September 9, 1936, she received a new contract from 20th Century-Fox, retroactive, paying her over $50,000 per film.
38At age six she was the youngest presenter at the Oscars ever. She presented the "Best Actress" award in 1935. The winner was Claudette Colbert.
39Bill Robinson (aka "Bojangles Robinson") was her idol when she was a child, and she got to work with him on four pictures.
40On November 1, 2006, she broke her wrist in a fall at her Northern California home.
41She presented Walt Disney with his special Academy Award for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). It was a standard-sized Oscar with seven little Oscars.
42She calls it corny but admitted that she fell in love with Charles Black at first sight. They met while she was in Honolulu. He was working for a shipping company there at the time.
43Second husband Charles Black was a businessman and maritime issues consultant. He served on a Commerce Department advisory committee and several National Research Council panels. He also co-founded a Massachusetts-based company that developed unmanned deep-ocean search and survey imaging systems. He died of bone marrow disease at age 86 in 2005. It had been diagnosed three years earlier.
44According to author Garry Wills in "John Wayne's America", director John Ford had serious issues with women, which carried over onto his sets. When he made Wee Willie Winkie (1937) with Shirley, she was a child as well as the top box-office star in America and he treated her well. When she was cast in Fort Apache (1948), she was a young woman and he did not treat her well. Like her role in "Wee Willie Winkie", she played the "cute but unmanageable troublemaker at the post" who is befriended by and relies on an avuncular sergeant, both times played by Victor McLaglen. McLaglen had been blackballed by Ford for the previous seven years, but was brought back into the Ford stock company with this film. When Ford met Shirley, whose husband John Agar he had also cast in the picture, he rudely asked her, "Now where did you go to school, Shirley? Did you graduate?".
45Was named #18 Actress, The American Film Institute's 50 Greatest Screen Legends.
46In 2005 Premiere Magazine ranked her as #33 on a list of the Greatest Movie Stars of All Time in their Stars in Our Constellation feature.
47At age six she became the first recipient of the juvenile Academy Award. To this day she is the youngest person ever to receive an Academy Award. After receiving her award from actor/writer Irvin S. Cobb, she politely thanked him, then turned to her mother and asked, "Mommy, can I go home now?" Many years later, in an appearance on the 1984 Oscar show, Temple explained what had happened. At the 1935 Oscar banquet, her special award was one of the last to be presented that evening. She had been forced to sit through the entire awards ceremony, watching all the other awards being handed out. By the time she got her award, at about 10:00 p.m., she was exhausted and ready to go home to bed.
48When she was a teenager her bodyguard was Louis Dean Palmer, whom she called "Palmtree".
49She was voted the 38th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
50Auditioned twice to be in "Our Gang" / "The Little Rascals". She apparently failed the first audition, and made the second while she was appearing in the "Baby Burlesks" series. "Our Gang" director Robert F. McGowan refused to agree to Shirley's mother's request that Shirley receive star billing with "Our Gang", so she didn't get in.
51Appears on the cover of The Beatles' album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".
52She learned her trade at Meglin's, a popular talent school. Judy Garland was once a fellow "Meglin Kiddie".
53Shirley Jones and Shirley MacLaine were both named after her.
54She became a Dame of Malta, although not from the officially recognized Roman Catholic order but rather from a non-Roman Catholic-unaffiliated entity.
55Her mother, Gertrude Temple, did her hair in pin curls for each movie. Every hairstyle had exactly 56 curls.
56Has three children: Linda Susan Agar, whom Charles Black later adopted, (b. January 30, 1948), Charles Black Jr. (aka Charles Alden Black Jr. "Charlie") (born in Bethesda, Maryland on April 24, 1952) and Lori Black (aka Lori Alden Black) (b. April 9, 1954). Oddly enough, both daughters were not only born in the same hospital in Santa Monica, CA, but both were delivered by the same doctor who had delivered Shirley herself.
57When she was seven years old her life was insured with Lloyd's of London, and the contract stipulated that no benefits would be paid if the child film star met with death or injury while intoxicated.
58She was considered to play Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1939), and there are several stories about why she didn't. One is that 20th Century-Fox refused to lend her to MGM. Another was that MGM considered her singing limitations "insurmountable". In either case, Judy Garland got the part.
59When she was to play the role of Beauty in a production of "Beauty and the Beast," she was amused when her then very young daughter remarked, "Gee, Mom, you'll make a swell Beast!".
60Her daughter "Lorax" (Lori Black) was the bass player for the rock band The Melvins .
61Charles Black, the San Francisco businessman she married after divorcing John Agar, admitted to her, while they were courting, that he had never seen any of her movies.


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1 a Minute2010Documentary acknowlegment: Breast Cancer Survivor - as Shirley Temple Black


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Our Girl Shirley1942Documentary shortMary Lou Rogers
Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 11938Documentary shortHerself
Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 91938Short documentaryHerself - Oscar Presenter
20th Century Fox Promotional Film1936Documentary shortHerself (uncredited)
The Hollywood Gad-About1934Documentary shortHerself (uncredited)

Archive Footage

Behind the Magic: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs2015TV Movie documentaryHerself
The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards2015TV SpecialHerself - In Memoriam
Entertainment Tonight2014TV SeriesHerself
The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards2014TV SpecialHerself (In Memoriam)
The 86th Annual Academy Awards2014TV SpecialHerself - Actress (In Memoriam) (as Shirley Temple Black)
The EE British Academy Film Awards2014TV SpecialHerself - Memorial Tribute
Shooting the Hollywood Stars2011TV Movie documentaryHerself
Animation Lookback2009TV Series documentaryHerself
To Oz! The Making of a Classic2009Video documentary shortHerself
Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1930s: Dancing Away the Great Depression2009Video documentaryHerself
The Yellow Brick Road and Beyond2009Video documentaryHerself
Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure2008TV Movie documentaryHerself
Private Screenings2006TV SeriesShirley Blake / Annie Rooney
Corazón de...2006TV SeriesHerself
Biography1995-2005TV Series documentaryHerself
American Masters1997-2004TV Series documentaryHerself
Christmas from Hollywood2003Video documentaryHerself
The Wonderful World of Disney2001TV SeriesHerself
72nd Annual Academy Awards Pre-Show2000TV SpecialHerself (uncredited)
ABC 2000: The Millennium1999TV Special documentary
Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 21999TV Special documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Fox Studios Australia: The Grand Opening1999TV Movie documentaryHerself
Film Breaks1999TV Series documentary
The 20th Century: A Moving Visual History1999TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
Classified X1998TV Movie documentaryHerself
Frank Capra's American Dream1997TV Movie documentaryHerself
Hidden Hollywood: Treasures from the 20th Century Fox Film Vaults1997TV Movie documentaryHerself
Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's1997DocumentaryHerself (uncredited)
20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years1997TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Inside the Dream Factory1995TV Movie documentaryHerself
100 Years at the Movies1994TV Short documentaryHerself
The Our Gang Story1994Video documentaryHerself / Morelegs Sweettrick / Annie Rooney
Shirley Temple: America's Little Darling1993TV MovieHerself
60 Minutes1991TV Series documentaryHerself
Shirley Temple: Hollywood's Biggest Little Superstar1991VideoHerself
Hollywood on Parade1990Video documentaryHerself
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic1990TV Movie documentaryHerself
The 1930's: Music, Memories & Milestones1988Video documentaryHerself - with Eddie Cantor
Moonlighting1988TV SeriesHerself
Muppet Babies1988TV Series
America Censored1985TV Movie documentaryElizabeth Blair
Going Hollywood: The '30s1984Documentary
Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage1983DocumentaryHerself (uncredited)
Hollywood's Children1982TV Movie documentaryHerself
Has Anybody Here Seen Canada? A History of Canadian Movies 1939-19531979TV Movie documentaryHerself - Canada-Hollywood Dinner (uncredited)
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Henry Fonda1978TV Special documentaryActress 'Fort Apache (uncredited)
That's Action1977DocumentaryHerself
America at the Movies1976DocumentaryShirley Blake
The Biggest Little Star of the 30's1976ShortHerself
Hooray for Hollywood1975DocumentaryHerself
Brother Can You Spare a Dime1975DocumentaryHerself
M*A*S*H1975TV SeriesVirginia Cary
Fred Astaire Salutes the Fox Musicals1974TV MovieHerself
The Walt Disney Story1973Documentary shortHerself (uncredited)
The Dick Cavett Show1972TV SeriesHerself
Hollywood Blue1970DocumentaryHerself
Black History: Lost Stolen, or Strayed1968TV Movie documentaryHerself / Various Roles (uncredited)
The Love Goddesses1965DocumentaryHerself
The Sound of Laughter1963DocumentaryLa Belle Diaperina (Saloon Singer)
The Victors1963Herself (uncredited)
Days of Infamy1962Short documentaryHerself - Visits RCAF Base
Project XX1960TV Series documentaryHerself - Actress
Take It or Leave It1944Shirley Dugan: Clip from 'Stand Up and Cheer' (uncredited)
Cavalcade of the Academy Awards1940Documentary shortHerself

Won Awards

2006Life Achievement AwardScreen Actors Guild Awards
1992Career Achievement AwardNational Board of Review, USA
1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn 8 February 1960. At 1500 Vine Street.
1935Juvenile AwardAcademy Awards, USA

In grateful recognition of her outstanding contribution to screen entertainment during the year ... More

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