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Schoolboy Q Net Worth

Schoolboy Q Net Worth is
$17 Million

Schoolboy Q Bio/Wiki 2018

It’s been an amazing year for SchoolBoy Q hip hop last year. Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Kid Ink and Childish Gambino emerged with powerful sales of the debut records plus Grammy nominations. In 2014 SchoolBoy Q might be heading the bunch of new artist expecting to mimic the exact same success of the forerunners. In February he lost his highly anticipated record Oxymoron. But with his growing popularity and critical acclaim SchoolBoy Q could be prepared to be a millionaire by summer time.

Schoolboy Q Net Worth $2 Million

Quincy Matthew Hanley was born not much from rapper Kendrick Lamar. His dad and mother served in the Army but they divorced while they were still enlisted. The first portion of his youth was fairly standard. But as he got older Schoolboy was introduced to medications, firearms and violence thanks to his Uncles. Quincy was a nerd in school and carried himself that manner with all the spectacles and khaki slacks. 2 years excelled academically with a 3.3 GPA in high school and displayed a powerful athletic skill on the high school’s football team. Q additionally sold Oxycontin, cannabis and crack cocaine as a means of creating ends. Q asserts the senior was detained twice. The next time was when the senior was 21 in 2007 as well as the courts gave him a second strike which compelled him to straighten as much as prevent a more drawn-out prison sentence.

Schoolboy attended school for a brief time but did not graduate. Schoolboy maintains his focus was constantly diverted by the roads. As a senior he joined a gang and started taking weapons. The senior was part of the 52 Hoover Crips. Schoolboy started rapping in his early twneties detailing his encounters in the roads. It was an emotional and constructive kind of treatment for schoolboy that he eventually took serious. In 2006 schoolboy started working together with the Independent label Top Dawg entertainment. Schoolboy released two mixtapes before losing his first record Setbacks in 2011. In 2010 schoolboy had his first kid, daughter Joy. His first child was featured on several of his records. Q has got an important deal with Interscope Records worth $2 million. The deal is for 5 records.

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