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Robert Noyce Net Worth

Robert Noyce Net Worth is
$3.7 Billion

Robert Noyce Bio/Wiki 2018

Best recognized among the founders of Intel and Fairchild Semi-conductor, Robert Noyce is a deceased American businessman with an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion. Jointly with Jack Kilby, Robert Noyce is recognized to function as the inventor of microchip orintegrated circuit which fueled the development of personal computers. Additionally, Jack gave name to Silicon Valley.

Robert Noyce Net Worth $3.7 Billion

After his graduation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Robert Noyce began working at Philco Corporation as a researcher. Three years later, he left the organization to join Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory. Collectively with his affiliates, they founded Fairchild Semi-conductor in 1957. After leaving the business in 1968, his affiliates founded Intel. The unbelievable achievement of Intel is owed to the glorious threesome of Andrew Grove being the direction scientist, Gordon Moore the technology virtuoso, and Robert Noyce the visionary. Robert Noyce was born on December 12, 1927 in Burlington, Iowa. He remarried twice. His first marriage was with Elizabeth “Betty” Bottomley. Collectively they had four children, William, Pendred, Priscilla, and Margaret. Their relationship ended in divorce and his former wife, got half of the assets. His second marriage was to Ann Schmeltz Bowers.

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