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Matt Groening Net Worth

Matt Groening Net Worth is
$500 Million

Matt Groening Bio/Wiki 2018

Among the greatest American animators Matt Groening net worth has been said to have approximation which reaches 500 million dollars. He’s mainly called the originator of the popular animated TV series The Simpsons which is understood all around the world and which brings vast amounts to the total sum of Matt Groening net worth. Raised in Portland, Matt Groening moved to La so that you can seek for better future and at first worked a show of non-related to his present profession occupations. The expertise which he got in those occupations Matt Groening printed in his animated novel called Life in Hell.

Matt Groening Net Worth $500 Million

The novel began collecting Matt Groening net worth and was discovered by James L. Brooks, who requested Matt Groening to turn his novel into a TV series called Tracey Ulman Show. Among the best things about the development of The Simpsons is that Matt Groening named the characters after the actual names of his relatives. In the beginning, The Simpsons were brief sketches featured on the Tracey Ulman Show and just later the characters developed into independent TV series. It constituted of 23 seasons which contained around 500 episodes. Produced in 1954, Matt Groening was the middle kid from his five siblings. His mom worked as a teacher and his dad was involved into film business. Matt was a cartoon creator, writer and filmmaker, so Matt Groening was affected a lot by his dad. When attending the school, Matt Groening worked in its paper called The Cooper Point Journal. His occupation was to compose posts as well as to draw cartoons. So, his passion for drawing cartoons developed stronger and more powerful which evolved into typically the most popular animated TV series all around the world called The Simpsons.

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