LOUIS XIII – The Most Expensive Pizza in the World

LOUIS XIII – The Most Expensive Pizza in the World is
$19 Million

LOUIS XIII – The Most Expensive Pizza in the World Bio/Wiki 2018

You’re super duper, filthy rich and do not understand how to proceed with the tons of cash you’ve? Have you got a thing for food? Have you been a huge supporter of pizzas? If so, then it is among the better manners you’ll need to spend some of your cash — have a Louis XIII.

But it’s not simply any normal pizza. What is unique about it? Everything is unique about it. And yes, it’s also the most high-priced pizza accessible the world!

Well, it’s as pricey as 60 times the cost of the former most expensive and well-known pizza by Gordon Ramsay (of “Hell’s Kitchen” popularity) served at the Maze eatery in London. It’s eye popping, jaw-dropping, head-smashing USD 12,000. It’s true, you read it correct.

Shocked? It’s true, you read it correct, again. The pizza is made in your house. Once you purchase for the Louis XIII, the chef comes to your own house with all the fixings and bakes it for you. It’s possible for you to anticipate at least this service if you are spending that amount of cash. All that’s necessary is a house in Italy because this service is accessible for houses in Italy.

The primary ingredients of the pizza are: Mozarella di bufala: the cheese is made from milk collected from domestic Italian buffaloes. It’s a snowy-white mozzarella with a somewhat sour flavor. It features a soft, damp and somewhat granular flavor.

Caviar:three kinds of caviar with costs that range from USD 2500- 5500 per pound.

This question clearly appears. For the groundwork of the pizza, three of Renato’s chefs come over to your own house. These aren’t simply some haphazard chefs, they’re three specialists. It is one professional task!

If you are spending USD 12,000 on an 8-inch pizza, you wouldn’t mind spending a few more dollars for things to go alongside it. But hurray! It is a package deal. You get Cognac, wine to go together with the pizza, which will be especially selected and served by the Sommelier. Yet wealthy you might be, free stuff consistently allows you to feel good.

These are only the main ingredients of the pizza. There’s a lot more. It’s 7 other kinds of cheese in the first place. The pizza-foundation is as unique, groundwork for which begins 72 hours before the real baking. The dough is permitted to grow for the 72 hours.

All these cooked, topped and decorated in 8 inches, focuses the flavours. In addition to the exotic ingredients; it’s the quality, commitment and the tasty ultimate product which would make you order a pizza of the cost. And so, if you’re a millionaire, a high-end travel show host, or only a pizza-fan who only won a lottery that is the dish you would like to go for.

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