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Lecrae Net Worth

Lecrae Net Worth is
$2 Million

Lecrae's salary
around $3 million

Lecrae Bio/Wiki 2018

The American most highest paid singer-rapper-producer-actor, Lecrae was born in October 9, 1979 in Houston, Texas. He was raised by his mother in a less than savory neighborhood on the south side of the city. He moved from place to place, including San Diego and Denver. Lecrae enjoyed living the thug lifestyle that he grew up in, and used Rap music as a way to express himself. When he was 19, he became a Christian and began to spread the gospel.

Lecrae Net Worth $185 Million

Lecrae soon began his own record label and used his music to reach young people. He rose to wide fame; however, the road was not an easy one. He had struggles along the way, but, he came out on top. The man invested money wisely and began several business ventures that resulted in a great deal of wealth along the way. He was dubbed the highest paid singer by People with Money after he made $58,000,000 in a 2012 and 2013, combined. An amazing $185,000,000 is what Lecrae is rumored to be worth at this time. That total comes from making sound decisions about what to invest in, purchasing property with good resale value and making good deals with companies such as Cover Girl. Lecrae also boasts several restaurants, a line of perfume and a fashion line. To round it all out nicely, he also started his own Vodka product line. Earning a lot of money is only half of the job. Keeping it is the other half and it appears Lecrae has that figured out better than most people do.

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