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L. A. Reid Net Worth

L. A. Reid Net Worth is
$1 Million

L. A. Reid Bio/Wiki 2018

L. A. Reid (actual name Antonio M. Reid) is an incredibly powerful songwriter, record executive and music producer. L.A. Right is accountable for bringing to the light such vocalists as Pink, Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne, Kanye West, Rihanna, Usher, Dido, OutKast and helping them to sell countless records. L.A. Reid net worth is now estimated at $350 million.

L.A. Reid began his professional career in music in 1969 with Pure Essence. In the 80s Reid appeared on the scene using a group The Deele. The business shortly collected the signatures of all popular African American singers and became incredibly rewarding. For instance, Reid learned and signed Usher when he was still a 14 year old child. Usher’s records released underneath the label LaFace afterwards sold 65 million copies all around the globe. In 2000 L.A. Reid sold his position in LaFace. The gains from this transmission added a strong amount to the present L.A. Reid net worth. After that Reid went to replace Clive Davis in a place of the President of Arista. As an example, he signed Avril Lavigne whose first studio album Let Go after sold six million copies nationally.

L.A. Reid Net Worth $350 Million

He also helped Usher to make his multi-platinum record Confessions and made a contract with OutKast whose record Speakerboxx/Lovebelow sold ten million copies and was granted Grammy as the greatest record of the year. Obviously, a large part of the Arista gains has acquired in the pocket of its’ President and improved L.A. Reid net worth substantially. While working with this particular firm Reid has managed to bring Mariah Carey back to the very top of the graphs subsequent to the long reverse in her career. With this kind of impressive set of customers, no wonder L.A. Reid net worth is now well over $300 million.


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