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La Nueva Patrulla 15 Net Worth

La Nueva Patrulla 15 Net Worth is

La Nueva Patrulla 15 Bio/Wiki 2018

La Nueva Patrulla 15 is a merengue group that arose following break up of Jossie Esteban con la Patrulla 15, a Dominican group that was popular through the entire 1980s and ’90s. Founded in 1979 in the Dominican Republic by Jossie Esteban (vocals; delivered Esteban Grullón) and Alberto Martínez (piano; aka Ringo), the group documented a long-running group of albums in colaboration with labels Gema Information (1979-1981), Artomax Information (1982-1983), TTH Information (1984-1992), and Platano (1993-1997). Furthermore, the achievement of Jossie Esteban con la Patrulla 15 spawned a few spin-off groupings: the lady group Todas las Nenas de Ringo con Jossie (notably offering among its account Olga Tañón ahead of her superstar single career) as well as the youngster music group Caña Brava. After almost 2 decades of achievement, however, the relationship of Esteban and Martínez splintered in 1997, marking the finish of Jossie Esteban con la Patrulla 15. While Esteban embarked on the solo profession, Martínez continuing to function behind the moments being a pianist, arranger, and manufacturer for artists such as for example Advertisementán Cañuelas and Alex un Bizcochito. In the meantime, Martínez teamed up with previous Sabrosos del Merengue vocalist to create La Nueva Patrulla 15 (i.e., “nueva” such as “brand-new”) and discharge albums every once in awhile, including Ahora e’ Que, Que, Que, Eh (2002), Más Allá… (2004), and Cantando Arnaldo Vallellanes (2008).

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