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Karen Gravano Net Worth

Karen Gravano Net Worth is
$400 Thousand

Karen Gravano Bio/Wiki 2018

Renee, Drita and Big Ang, fan favorites, returned but among the first stars Karen Gravano was lost in the chain. You may think Renee’s story line was becoming old and VH1 needed new faces but it goes even deeper than that. Despite just 3 seasons using the show Karen milked the encounter for each and every cent. Mob Wives was even broadcast worldwide in Brazil, Australia, Europe and Indonesia. Having a huge fan following and social networking existence the cast were unquestionably eligible for serious pay raise.

Karen Gravano Net Worth $400,000

Karen released a publication entitled “Gang Daughter: The Mafia, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, and me”. In addition to that she also brought in a lot of royalties from your publication’s first high sales. With the revealing information in the novel Karen Gravano became the goal of Mafia connected family members who assaulted the publication’s credibility and in turn asked for royalties for Karen’s interpretation of these. But that did not prevent Karen’s she became the representative for Thin Quick Support, a weight loss pill that controls hunger. But with just 15 pounds lost I am not certain the merchandise is actually worth Karen’s sanction. But Karen was nevertheless paid handsomely a reported $500,000 for a two year deal.

Karen Gravano additionally possesses a health spa in Arizona which she opened in September 2012. “About The Skinny” is designed for high profile clientele and is by appointment only. Gravano claims Pro sportsmen, well known recording artists, company owners, and star housewives come into Karen’s health spa to get a complete detox with mudwraps and ear candling or simply relax having a massage. The health spa has various services provided to assist with weight reduction, anxiety release, various well-being problems and there’s even a claim that some Swedish wrapping which is exclusive to Karen’s health spa can help customers lose 1,200 calories per session. It seems a bit far fetched but the health spa seemingly has done well since she opened another place in NY. A little far is actually attempting to do it all. Although she’s not on Mob Wives she’s nevertheless continuing her hustle and contains no plans of slowing down.

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