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John Cena broke in on the floor flooring of professional wrestling, and before he was through, he took it towards the mat. The Western world Newbury, MA, indigenous and college soccer superstar (he was an All-American middle at Department III Springfield University) produced his WWE debut in 2002, and finally made his bone fragments with moves just like the F.U. and Five-Knuckle Shuffle and raucous capture phrases like “You Can’t Discover Me!” and “IF YOU’D LIKE Some, Come GET SOME GOOD!” He also constructed a reputation along with his firebrand freestyle raps, which led to another profession as an MC. In Apr 2005 Cena seized the WWE Tournament at WrestleMania 21, defeating out JBL. The SmackDown! wrestler was popular than ever before and capitalized by falling his full-length rap debut the next Might. You Can’t Discover Me featured visitor performances from Bumpy Knuckles (aka Freddie Foxxx) and Esoteric, aswell as creation from Eligh from the Living Legends. In addition, it featured a whole lot of rapping about getting muscular and was emblazoned using the blinging picture of Cena’s WWE tournament belt.


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