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Johanna Quandt Net Worth

Johanna Quandt Net Worth is
$13.9 Billion

Johanna Quandt Bio/Wiki 2018

Johanna Quandt Net Worth $10.6 Billion

Fifty years back, BMW was an ailing business and Herbert Quandt was going to sell his 30% stake to Daimler Benz. At the last instant he decided to keep it and actually raised his holding to 50%. A year later, in 1962, the company’s fortunes were transformed with all the new BMW 1500 series which created a brand new section in the automobile market: the quality production saloon. Quandt, who was a powerful industrialist in Germany, ran the Quandt group with 200 companies. When Herbert Quandt expired in 1982, his stake in BMW passed to Johanna and their two children, Stefan and Susanne. The household stake in BMW is worth nearly 15.7 billion. The three Quandts live softly near Frankfurt. Stefan has interests in other German businesses inherited from his dad. In 2006, it sold off its pharma division and Susanne received about 1.8 billion. Last year Susanne took over the 50% she failed to own and the business was valued at around 1.1 billion.

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