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JK Rowling Net Worth $1 Billion

We would likely never manage to count the amount in the Gringotts bank in the world of Magic and Harry Potter but we’re confident that people can count the net worth for the talented J.K. Rowling who wrote those books, but it surely won’t be simple. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series of books that brought a very real feeling of magic to children around the world and made the author a Billionaire, the first ever writer to achieve this in history. Her books and recognition grew so quickly that soon she was the wealthiest woman in England, richer even than the Queen!

Rowling was a simple teacher in Portugal and was fond of writing, she visualized her first book on a delayed train ride in 1990 and published it 5 years as time goes on, which was the start of a legacy that change the world, she created a legacy of 7 novels which was later translated into 8 movies that gripped our imaginations for over a decade. It was the time the harry potter mania had just started. In a delayed happening, the Harry Potter series was released as an EBook late in 2012 making it comparatively late for a publication to be out but that was because Rowling had held in the rights of the ebooks rather than conceding it to the publisher. She then pocketed much of the sales cost of the books bought following that making it the only deal of its own type. She is expected to make close to 200$ for the publication sales by 2017 at least.

The Harry Potter series of movies broke the box-office wide open to function as the best grossing film series of all time making a sizable profit of about 7.7 billion in the international sector. The Potter franchise including most of the merchandise was estimated to be worth close to 15 billion by 2013 year just to rapidly increase.

J.K Rowling came from a fairly middle class heritage but is among the wealthiest women in the world nowadays, and she has a house in Georgia, West London that is worth $7 million. She is now married with Neil Murray.

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