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She began in the base with B2K in 2002 and now she is on tour with one of hip hop’s biggest names Drake. Jhene Aiko is now a budding risk in the R&B game with her soulful lyrics and haunting voice. She is a gifted signer songwriter as well as a slue of rappers and producers in the business happen to be rapping at her door in hopes of a collabo. She is worked with Infantile Gambino, 2 Chainz, and most recently Drake. Jhene’s journey from singing in a average girl group to being hailed by music critics as the very best new artist of 2013 continues to be long and full of hurdles. With Jhene’s new EP eventually released Sail away and a record deal with Def Jam value $2.5 million Jhene is appearing to be the next huge thing in music.

Jhene Aiko Net Worth $4 Million

She got her start in the music business with Epic records. The act was connected with B2K since Chris Stokes handled both acts. Stokes started developing Aiko as a solo act when she was just 5 years old. Only 5 years was signed after an acapella performance and went on tour with B2K the subsequent year. Following the autumn of B2K Chris Stokes other artist suffered immensely. The label put Jhene’s record on hold and afterwards dropped her from the label.

Having a hiatus in the match she returned releasing music of her own as a completely independent artist. In 2013 she dropped her first EP Sail Outside. The EP was projected to sell 30,000 copies in the first week touchdown at number 15.

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