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Hans Melchers Net Worth

Hans Melchers Net Worth is
$1.9 Billion

Hans Melchers Bio/Wiki 2018

Based on Forbes, he’s the fourth richest individual in the Netherlands and 882nd on earth. Born Hans Daniel Melchers on May 18, 1938 in Apledoorn, Netherlands, he collected his estimated net worth of $2.5 billion when he founded Melchemie Holland BV. Yet, in the late 80’s, he gave the daily management of the group and using the brand new owners, it continued to operate underneath the name Melspring.

Hans Melchers Net Worth $2.5 Billion

Melchers is also an important shareholder with 15% stake that he obtained in 1985 in HAL Investment, a global investment company located in Netherlands Antilles. With his gains, he was the 36th most affluent Dutch in the 2005 edition of the Quote-500 list of the wealthiest Dutch. Hans Melchers is an avid devotee of the card game bridge. He formed his own professional team in 2008 and is known as an important sponsor of the Dutch Bridge Federation (NBB). He also provided major funding for the 201 world bridge championship held in Netherlands.

Hans has a citadel in the eastern Dutch city of Vorden. It had been reported in 2012 that he bought 1000 works of art. It had been insinuated by the press which he was involved in the drug trade. He formed the Melchers Fund to offer financial and legal aid to the casualties of slanderous media reports.

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