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“The greatest search engine would essentially understand everything on earth, and it’d consistently provide you with the right thing. And we are a long, long way from that.” — Larry Page, Co founder, CEO, Google.
Google needs no introduction. It’s an American multinational corporation which specializes as an internet search engine and other web related services. More than its literary definition, Google is a life savior for individuals around the world.

Google Net Worth $350 Billion

Among the rest of the products, to not forget Google Chrome, the web browser, which can be used by numerous Internet users around the globe. What Larry Page and did otherwise for mom traditional search engines was that they developed an improved process called Page Rank, which examined the relationships and links between various sites. Unlike other search engines which counted how many times a specific word or phrase was searched for and rated results according to that, Google rated the relevance of a web site according to how many pages it’d and their significance.

Google was initially called ‘BackRub’ by Page and Brin because the new search engine assessed back links to an internet site. Googol meant one hundred zeros after one, so the search engine was instantly named Google which meant that it could supply enormous quantity of advice about anything under the blue sky. Initially Google was managed under the site of Stanford University. It was filed on September 15, 1997 and the business began running in a buddy’s garage in Menlo Park.

The first funding for Google came in August 1998 from Andy Bechtolsheim, the co creator of Sun Microsystems, who contributed $ 1, 00, 000. In 1999, Google got a capital of $25 million from important investors.

In March 1999, Google changed its office from Menlo Park to Palo Alto in California. Another year, Google began selling ads with each key words that was sought for. The ads, believed, were alone text based so as to not reduce the rate of the page and help it become appear clean.

In September 2013 Google started a brand new business called Calico, which in future will be managed by Apple. By September 2013, Google had 70 offices running in 40 states. This organization directs towards making internet access affordable so that an increasing number of individuals can get it.

Since 2001, Google is getting many businesses, mainly modest capital financed businesses. In 2004, Google got the startup company Keyhole Inc. and rename it as Google Earth. The large turn arrived when in 2006 Google had got You Tube, the video search engine. In 2007, Google got DoubleClick and GrandCentral for $3.1 billion and $50 million respectively. Google kept on getting an increasing number of businesses.

On August 15, 2011, Google made its largest acquisition when it got Motorola Mobility. This move was made to help Google acquire Motorola’s patent portfolio in a period when rival companies like Microsoft and Apple were fighting against Android. Slowly, Google fired 4,000 Motorola workers and sold its production units to Flextronics.

In 2011, Google brought in 96% of its sales from ads, thanks to DoubleClick, which Google had obtained. Using the DoubleClick techonology, Google presents related ads to target audience that would help them.

Another merchandise, Google Analytics helps the owners of sites to monitor the use of the web site by people. Google’s marketing products, AdWords and AdSense help web site owners to make cash every time the ads the sites screen are clicked.

Among Google’s largest products, Gmail, the free e mail service, was established in April 2004 but was accessible to the people just since 2007. It was the first mailing service on the planet which kept all the posts from one dialog in one carton.

Google Apps, another merchandise from Google, allows organizations to bring products of Google like Gmail or Google Docs into their domains. There are a number of other variations of the Google Apps, like Google Apps for Company, Google Apps Standard that’s the fundamental free version, Google Apps for Instruction, Google Apps for Authorities etc.

Another merchandise, Google Translate is a translation service, which could interpret the data in 35 different languages. Google additionally began Google News in 2002, which mechanically summarized news from various news websites.

In 2004, Google began the nonprofit organization, called, with the aim to create knowledge about climate change, international public health and international poverty. It’d a start up fund of $1 billion. In 2008, Google started another job which asked thoughts about how to help the community advertising had Google users vote their favorites.

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