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Within the previous 15 months contributions have poured out not to the family of the dead kid Trayvon Martin but to the alledged shot Zimmerman. While on bond based on his website contributions have reached over $33,000 per month. In addition to the contributions which may have surpassed over $150,000 thus far Zimmerman has also signed a book deal with a leading publishing company. The offer isn’t yet set as Zimmerman along with his wife are seeking for an even larger deal that may accomplish over $2 million for his characterization of what occurred the night of the shooting and his private life following the conviction.

George Zimmerman Net Worth $1 Million

Before the shooting George moved to Sanford, Florida along with his wife in 2009. George worked as an insurance underwriter. Zimmerman was additionally a fulltime pupil and finishing his final term at Seminole State College. Analyzing Criminal Justice Zimmerman told Police officers after the shooting his aim was to turn into a Judge. He was not able to perform his Associate’s degree after neglecting among his classes.

His dad is German and his mom was created in Peru. His father is recorded as Hispanic but his mom also is blended with black lineage. Before the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in 2011, Zimmerman had additionally had run ins with all the law that has been disclosed through several media outlets. He was charged with attacking a police officer and resisting arrest. The event happened while Zimmerman was intoxicated in a pub.

He was unemployeed and became an unofficial neighborhood watchmen in the Refuge at Twin Lakes. His trial started Tuesday June 25th with an all female jury. The trial has garnered tremendous media interest , and it has raised the discussion about racial profiling across America.

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  1. Why is he even on this list ??? The title is Richest Celebrities !!. He’s not a celebrity, he’s by far, not the richest. He’s merely a punk criminal. Putting him on this list will only cause that fat head to swell more, and he’ll be involved in more illegal activities. He has been involved in several dubious activities since the end of the trial.

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