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George A Romero Net Worth

George A Romero Net Worth is
$1.2 Million

George A Romero Bio/Wiki 2018

American film director, screenwriter, and editor best known for his ghastly and satirical horror films,George A. Romero has an estimated net worth of $35 million. American director George A. Romero was making films from age 14, like most teen movie enthusiasts, with an 8 mm camera. Matriculating into the industrial-film business in Pittsburgh, Romero accrued enough capital to create his first feature-length film in 1968, a graphically gruesome zombie picture entitled Night of the Living Dead.Barely making back its price on its initial release, the movie got some welcome, if unfavorable, marketing when Reader’s Digest allocated an article to it.

George A Romero Net Worth $35 Million

The magazine was appalled at the scenes of cannibalism and similar horrors, going as far as to insist that a movement be started to have the picture prohibited. Naturally, this made the movie very popular than ever, much more so than if Reader’s Digest had just dismissed it. And the following gains of Night of the Living Dead enabled Romero to fund several more low-budget scare pictures before he broke into the mainstream with Dawn of the Dead in 1978, a semi-funny sequel to his first movie.

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