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Freeway Rick Ross Net Worth

Freeway Rick Ross Net Worth is

Freeway Rick Ross Bio/Wiki 2018

Freeway Rick Ross is the popular name of an American condemned drug trafficker who has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Produced Ricky Donnell Ross on January 26, 1960 in Troup, Texas, he is best known for the “drug empire” that he ran in the early 1980’s in la. His nickname was earned because of his drug empire that contained several properties in the la area Harbour Freeway as well as the expressway near his childhood house.

Freeway Rick Ross Net Worth $1 Million

Ross was introduced to the area of drug trafficking by his school friend Frasier Brown. Subsequently, Ross started to sell cheap Nicaraguan cocaine on the roads which he bought directly from Oscar Danilo Blandon and Norwin Meneses Cantasrero. His merchandise was sold for US$10,000 for under a kilo. One of his main providers was his childhood friend Billy Moulton. Apart from cocaine, he also sold surveillance equipment including mini-cameras and recording equipment.

Freeway Rick Ross has several other workers who helped him distribute his drugs in the US locations including St. Louis, New Orleans. He claims that a large part of his sales came from the state of Ohio. During the summit of his drug trafficking, he could make up to $3 million in only a day and his greatest net worth was over $600 million. Ross has sued rapper Rick Ross for using his name on June 18, 2010 and was looking for $10 million in compensation in the litigation. He was charged together with the conspiracy of illegally trafficking cocaine (100g) using a life sentence. In 1996, Ross was incarcerated and was afterwards released in 2009.

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