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Flipp may be the bizarre brainchild borne of schizo vocalist Bryan Arens and drummer Kilo Bale when the set made an impromptu video from the Who’s perennial “My Era” that accidentally received an enormous reaction. Sibling and multi-instrumentalist Chia Karaoke Arens and bassist Freaky Ineffective joined the producing ride, as well as the quartet honed their riotous stage take action which contains (however, not limited by) dumping Flipp cereal within the target audience and tugging unsuspecting onlookers onstage to execute. In 1997, Flipp released their eponymous debut on taxes day, Apr 15, and celebrated by carrying out before the Minneapolis POSTOFFICE until the law enforcement showed up. The quartet escaped and continued to be Minnesota celebrities. After that Flipp crossed America with Cheap Technique: allegedly, after one display, Technique guitarist Rick Nielsen asked Arens, “Do I obtain onstage with you?” Arens replied, “Yeah. We had been playing ‘Magical Secret Tour’ and also you performed ‘Day time Tripper.'” Flipp started Teenage Rampage, a competition for Minnesota senior high school rings. They performed Woodstock 99 and performed in the exploitation eye-sore Terror Firmer. Right now beneath the auspices of Expenses Aucoin, who handled Kiss and Billy Idol, Flipp fallen their second saving, Blow It Out Your Ass, in 2000. The state Flipp website is definitely


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