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Felipe Massa Net Worth

Felipe Massa Net Worth is
$1.7 Million

Felipe Massa Bio/Wiki 2018

Who wouldn’t get reminded of Felipe Massa, when one talks about most rapid, multi-turn, racetrack racing tournament Formula one or the F1? Felipe, holding on a place of 5, among the top ten Formula One motorists observes his birthday on every 25th of April. This leading racer, produced in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1981, embarked on a profession by karting in 1990. After experiencing a period of extensive practice and involvement in innumerable tournaments, for the 7 straight years, won the title in Brazilian Formula Chevrolet Championship.

Felipe Massa Networth Net Worth $8 Million

Nicolas Todt, son of Ferrari boss Jean Todt functioned as a ray of hope to Massa and for the whole year, he worked as an additional test driver in Ferrari. Nicolas left no stone unturned in developing his driving style and very guaranteed 3rd standing in the World championship when he was matched up with Michael Schumacher and made a Grand Prix success in Turkey and Brazil. This is how he made a recovery to Sauber team in 2004.

Massa bagged fourth place at Resort after giving a tough competition to Juan Pablo Montoya, followed by inhabiting exactly the same location in Shanghai and Interlagos. Massa again scored a fourth position, in pairing with Jacques Villeneuve, giving the greatest performance of the year. It was the time when Massa needed to enlarge his family and got married to a lovely daughter of Anna and Arnaldo Bassi, Anna Rafaela Bassi on November 30, 2007. Just two years later, they gave birth to an infant son, Felipe Bassi Massa on November 30, 2009.

After the retreat of Schumacher in 2007, Massa was matched up as a team leader with Kimi Raikkonen. This had not been subsequently ending; by the final race, Massa lost the speed and conceded the lead to his partner, Raikkonen who could become a winner.

Felipe Massa won six times, the year after and outperformed Raikkonen, the minute he was about to cross the finishing line on the track of the closing race and everyone was confident he’d get the house title but every story has a turn, that was somewhat sour for Massa as Lewis Hamilton took over the closing tournament. Massa’s nature of sportsmanship and magnanimity was really unavoidable and commendable.

Felipe, being the next motorist to Rubens Barrichello’s auto met with a fatal skull fracture during a qualifying round when a spring weighing 700 gs detached in the back suspension of Rubens’ car and hit Massa’s crash helmet. But Massa fought against the negative fortune and had experienced an effective emergency operation in Budapest hospital.

Remarking on differences with his new Ferrari teammate Fernando Alonso and ex-teammate Kimi Raikkonen: I’ve discussed more to Fernando over the last three days than with Kimi in 3 years.

“If my weekend starts nicely, I use the exact same underpants on Saturday. If this is also a good day, I wear them on Sunday. That’s what I did in Brazil.”

Ferrari began throwing uncertainty over the possibility of Felipe as he cannot overcome his shortcomings in 2012, as well and gave a deteriorating graph of operation from 2010 onwards but the determination of whether to retain him or not was procrastinated. But it appears that Massa had a little tough luck when it comes to qualifying with Alonso, the example of which could be pulled in the Ferrari race in America, in which Massa was intentionally incurred with a gearbox change penalty, so as to ease Alonso move up the power system. Felipe’s wounds are not fixed up correctly, when in the 1st half of 2013, he met with several spins and crashes that further impeded Massa’s effort. At the conclusion of the year Ferrari replaced him with former teammate Raikkonen and he changed to Williams in 2014.

Massa possesses a stunning, black Maserati Quattroporte among his private automobiles. Ferrari 599, is an apotheosis of his preference nicely satisfying his career, is simply another one of his group, in his garage. Felipe has signed an endorsement for Soccerade energy drink, with a well-known footballer Cristiano Ronalod, for two years.

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