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The group shares a close similarity to the Irish music band, U2. The group includes four members, Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion. Their tunes and beats are so productive and progressive they have lovers of ages from kids to adults. Their tempo makes everyone move together. With the tremendous fan following, Coldplay is climbing up the ladder of success at an exponential speed. Martin also happens to function as lead vocalist while Jonny is the lead guitarist. Both of four members formed the group during their school (University College London) tenure.

Coldplay Net Worth $475 Million

The third member, Guy Berryman joined the group and the group created the name Starfish. The group subsequently found its supervisor, Phil Harvey which happens to be the fifth unofficial member of the troupe.

Troupe Members:

  1. Guy Berryman
  2. Jonny Buckland
  3. Chris Martin
  4. Will Champion

The drums are managed by Will Champion who additionally has command in playing backing vocals, piano and rhythm guitar. The group happens to be “limestone rock” instead of hard rock. Martin has a feminist touch in his style and the lyrics consistently have some concealed heavy emotions of love. The meditative fashion has helped to make them more popular worldwide. The troupe later changed to the dream pop style. They’ve a significant similarity to the groups like U2, Travis, Oasis and Radiohead. Each new tune of Coldplay has a fresh emotion restoring the feelings of individuals recording to the track. Then they moved to art rock with their tune Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. The group is also not restricted to the traditional drums and guitars, it consistently bring something new each time, attempting new instruments (orchestras, honky tonk pianos). In addition they brought in the acoustic style of music with their various music genres. One significant variable of the worldwide popularity is they tend not to stick to only the “British” style of music. Instead, they may be the Global Artists.

The group throughout their whole career has brought some of the greatest records in the rock and pop music history. Their first album Parachutes, shortly after the release topped the UK Albums Chart. Then they came with another record A Rush of the Blood to the Head which is why they composed 20 tunes which were posts apart from Parachutes.

Then they used their tunes (Yellow, do not Panic and Trouble) for their brands promotion. Even the iconic Apple Inc. has used the Viva la Vida tune for the iTunes Store.

The group leader Chris Martin has a huge heart , and it has performed at various Fundraisers. The group also contributes 10% of their getting to charity. In addition they supported the notion of Meat Free Mondays by Paul McCartney. Additionally they helped in the quake help strategy by selling the group instruments and contributed the amount thus accumulated.

They sold about 60 million records worldwide. They were voted to be the 4th greatest artists of the 19th century by the subscribers of Rolling Stone.

I have never been requested to do cooperation. I think I simply do not give off that come-and-get-me vibe. The word we now have in Korea for Kpop is ‘Gaio.’ And I think it is an enormous umbrella term. I adore Coldplay. The lights and the sound quality, they actually play their instruments. Occasionally, during the show, they will make a error and cease. I believe they do it by choice only to show you they are actually playing it live.

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