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Chris DeWolfe Net Worth

Chris DeWolfe Net Worth is
$50 Million

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One of the co-creators of MySpace (along with Tom Anderson), of which he is, in addition, the former CEO. Chris DeWolfe was born in 1966 and graduated in the University of Southern California. There is some controversy concerning the sources of MySpace, which is freely presented as a homegrown enterprise developed by co-creator Tom Anderson.

Chris DeWolfe Net Worth $50 Million

Through the dotcom bubble, DeWolfe was the Vice President of Sales for X-drive Technologies, an advertising-supported service that provided users with online storage room to satisfy the growing needs of internet users in the occasions when web-based email had stringent storage limits and ISPs did not always provide important online storage space. DeWolfe was laid off in 2001 when the bubble burst, and set up an email marketing firm, Response Base, bringing Tom Anderson — an Xdrive copywriter — with him as worker. ResponseBase, in turn, was bought out by eUniverse in 2002.

Soon after the start of pioneering social media site Friendster, DeWolfe as well as other eUniverse employees discussed the possibilities of a similar site. MySpace, a heavily advertising-supported service, offered free social networking and messaging, with more layout management than Friendster, and quickly brought bands who were able to host samples in their music online — really, these days many group sites simply reflect MySpace content.

On April 22, 2009, News Corp. announced DeWolfe would step down as CEO and is going to be a strategic advisor to Myspace and serve on the board of MySpace China. The prior Facebook executive Owen Van Natta replaced him.

Chris Dewolfe has been profiled in several leading publications like Fortune and Business Week.

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