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Chamillionaire Net Worth

Chamillionaire Net Worth is
$15 Million

Chamillionaire Bio/Wiki 2018

Chamillionaire is a well-known rapper and entrepreneur from America. His actual name is Hakeem Seriki. Chamillionaire started his profession in the year 2002 with a collaboration album with Paul Wall. Then he released ‘Ultimate Victory’. The record is understood because of its dearth of profanity. Then he left Universal records and released an EP named, Ammo. He’s in procedure to release a brand new record shortly. Chamillionaire was born into a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Hewas inspired by Ghetto lads, NWA, and Public Enemy. In addition to youth friendPaul Wall, he determined topursue a profession in hip hop.

Chaare Net Worth $15 Million

Shortly, Paul and Cha started to get some underground focus. Paul and cha shortly release an album named ‘Get ya mind right’. The record went to sell 1,50,000 copies. Source magazine nominated it as the Indie record of the year. Cha’s first debut album ‘The sound of revenge’ premiered in 2005. It received great reviews from most critics. The record won cha Grammy for best rapperformance by a Duet. The record’s lead single was- ‘Turn it up’. ‘Riding’ reached the number one place on the billboard charts. The third tune in the record was ‘Grown n Hot’. Grown won the award for best new artist at STAKE awards. Before it, Cha released many mix tapes as a way to promote the record. Ultimate Victory got an acclaim by the critics and sold adequate amount of copies. It was understood because of its dearth of profanity. The video of ‘Hip Hop Police’ became rather renowned. Cha is shortly going to release an album named ‘Poison’.

Apart from his music enterprises Chamillionaire is an enthusiastic businessman. In 2003, cha invested in a automobile dealing business in Houston named Fly rydes. The firm was created long time back but wanted some investments. Cha let his friend manage the complete business. Cha possesses his own record label, Chamillitary Entertainment. He could be whoever owns a modelling firm named Masterpiece head framework. Cha also possesses a tour bus company. All the buses have web, DVD, cable and shower. Cha established world-wide initiation tournament in 2009. He’s got a net worth of $ 15 Million. His music efforts and endeavors are a prime source of his income. He’s an excellent musician and a gifted entrepreneur. His first record was declared platinum by RIIA and sold 1.5 Million copies. His next record did a great commercial company at the same time. Cha’s ventures are successful and he brings in a fortune. He’s a clever businessman. He’s appeared in a number of TV shows too including- Pimp my ride, The game and punked. He’s all set to release his highly anticipated next record. It’s going to be named ‘Poison’.

“Everyday I see the news and look at how wild the world is. It humbles one to see other people’s issues and to see the level of difficulty others appear to be going through. If you believe you are going through hard times, you always have the option to turn on the TV to see someone else who is going through things 10 times worse than you.” “Yeah, racist folks look at me like I am a martian, Assess the card, yeah my cash lookin dark skinned, Tell the bank teller the black President simply walked in, Pacman with the grands, I am, I am starvin, Fresh to departure feelin like I am in a coffin, Take it with me, I will get buried in my own vault afterward.” “Out here in Texas, that auto thing is huge. We’ll do videos and lease all types of automobiles and individuals will squander a variety of cash on them, and rather, they are able to come spend that cash with martian.”

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