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Caparezza Net Worth

Caparezza Net Worth is
$18 Million

Caparezza Bio/Wiki 2018

Before he re-emerged in 2001 as Caparezza, Italy’s Michele Salvemini was a clean-cut, B-boy-style pop singer named Mikimix. His 1999 full-length, La Mia Buona Stella, created the Italian strike one “E La Notte Se Ne Va,” a cut of Europop nearer to Color Me Badd or Enrique Iglesias than anything resembling American hip-hop. Nonetheless it was the liquid design of Dr. Dre protégé Xzibit that Caparezza most carefully resembled on Tutto Cio Che C’E, the 2001 debut of his brand-new moniker. Caparezza clarified the difference between previous and present personas with furious raps about personal credibility and music business hypocrisy, painting an image of himself being a pawn who understood he could possibly be ruler. Tutto Cio Che C’E’s kitchen-sink creation drew on components of both Western world and East Coastline American hip-hop, aswell as breakbeats, acoustic guitars, piano, and Western european influences recommending Salvemini’s Europop previous, albeit with far better beats and basslines. Caparezza continued to contribute raps to likeminded tasks by Loudspeaker Cenzou and DJ Honey.


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