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Brigitte Bardot Net Worth is
$45 Million

Brigitte Bardot Bio/Wiki 2018

French former fashion model, actress and vocalist, and animal rights activist,Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot has an estimated net worth of $45 million. Bridget Bardot was recognized both for her acting and modeling work, and for her animal rights activism. She was nominated for multiple acting awards and appeared in over 40 movies. Recently, her star has declined somewhat as a result of multiple fees for “inciting racial hatred” during rallies in France. Produced Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot on 28 September 1934 in Paris, France.

Full NameBrigitte Bardot
Net Worth$45 Million
Date Of BirthSeptember 28, 1934
Place Of BirthParis, France
Height5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
ProfessionSinger, Model, Actor, Activist
EducationConservatoire de Paris
SpouseBernard d'Ormale (m. 1992)
ChildrenNicolas-Jacques Charrier
ParentsLouis Bardot, Anne-Marie Bardot
SiblingsMijanou Bardot
NicknamesBridgitte Bardot, Camille Javal, `BB`, Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot, BB, Bichette
AwardsDavid di Donatello for Best Foreign Actress
NominationsBAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress
MoviesAnd God Created Woman, Contempt, Viva Maria!, Love Is My Profession, Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a Woman, A Very Private Affair, The Night Heaven Fell, Plucking the Daisy, Dear Brigitte, La Parisienne, Shalako, The Legend of Frenchie King, Love on a Pillow, The Truth, Two Weeks in September, Spiri...
1Gapped front teeth
2Voluptuous figure
3Deep sultry voice
4Large brown eyes
5Platinum blonde hair
Viva Maria! (1965)$350,000
Voulez-vous danser avec moi (1959)$200,000
En cas de malheur (1958)$75,000
Une parisienne (1957)$25,000
Et Dieu... créa la femme (1956)$15,000
1I can no longer walk. I can no longer swim. But I'm lucky when I see how animals suffer. Suddenly, I discover that I have nothing to complain.
2[on retiring from showbusiness at 39] I tried to make myself as pretty as possible and even then I thought I was ugly. I found it madly difficult to go out, to show myself. I was afraid of not living up to what people expected me to be.
3Apart from my husband, I am entirely surrounded by homos. For years, they have been my support, my friends, my adopted children, my confidants.
4I gave my youth and beauty to men. Now I'm giving my wisdom and my experience, the better part of me, to animals.
5I am really a cat transformed into a woman . . . I purr. I scratch. And sometimes I bite.
6Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.
7[on Sarah Palin] By denying the responsibility of man in global warming, by advocating gun rights and making statements that are disconcertingly stupid, you are a disgrace to women and you alone represent a terrible threat, a true environmental catastrophe.
8It is better to be unfaithful than faithful without wanting to be.
9I don't think when I make love.
10Men are beasts and even beasts don't behave as they do.
11I have been very happy, very rich, very beautiful, much adulated, very famous and very unhappy.
12It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen.
13[when asked what was the best day of her life] It was a night...
14If I could do anything about the way people behave towards each other, I would, but since I can't I'll stick to animals.
15I have always adored beautiful young men. Just because I grow older, my taste doesn't change. So if I can still have them, why not?
1Inducted into the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame in 2015.
2Mentioned in the song "Message of Love" by The Pretenders.
3Her look has inspired several generations of buxom blonde models to be called "baby Bardots", such as German supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Anna Ewers; Dutch models Lara Stone, Daphne Groeneveld and Doutzen Kroes and English model Georgia Jagger.
4Has attempted suicide at least six times since 1950. Her most recent reported suicide attempt was in 1992.
5Time Magazine on Bardot: "... the princess of pout, the countess of come hither. Brigitte Bardot exuded a carefree, naive sexuality that brought a whole new audience to French films.".
6Established the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals. She initially funded it by auctioning off personal possessions.
7Has been characterized as anti-Muslim and anti-gay with her support for ultra-right-wing French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen.
8She was the third name entered on IMDB, after Fred Astaire (nm0000002) and Lauren Bacall (nm0000002).
9Ranked #75 in Men's Health 100 Hottest Women of all Time. [December 2011]
10Prior to her worldwide breakthrough in ...And God Created Woman (1956), while still a starlet, Bardot was a familiar presence in many Italian movies. She once shared a hotel room in Rome with a pre-fame Ursula Andress (mentioned in her autobiography). About this she recalled, "If only producers knew of it, they would have think twice about their way of treating us back then.".
11When she discovered she had breast cancer, she first refused treatment believing it was her fate. It was her fellow actress and friend Marina Vlady who flew to her residence at Saint Tropez and convinced her to start treatment.
12In 1994, scandalized by Sophia Loren's posing in furs in several printed ads for the Italian fur tailor company Annabella, Bardot published an open letter to Loren, in which she accused her of selling her name and her image "to the most despicable of all advertising: promotion of furs". It is, said Bardot, "degrading, repugnant, lamentable and unworthy to accept money stained with the blood of animals". Loren, added France's leading animal-rights campaigner, should boycott "this abominable trade" and "never forget that wearing a fur is wearing a cemetery on your back". Loren, on holiday at the time, did not respond.
13On the set of Please, Not Now! (1961), directed by her ex-husband Roger Vadim, she met his new girlfriend, Catherine Deneuve. About Deneuve she said, " . . . behind Vadim lingered a 17-year-old brunette who dressed like me [and] had her hair made like me. Her name was Catherine Deneuve. She had a certain air of a namby-pamby, that was back then unbearable." One night while filming on high mountains the crew got blocked so everybody slept in one room. Among the crew were Bardot, Vadim, Mireille Darc and Deneuve.
14She had taken dancing lessons from age five, and when she was 13 one of her classmates in dancing class was Leslie Caron.
15Owns homes in Saint-Tropez, Yvelines and Paris.
16In 1967 Serge Gainsbourg wrote for and recorded with her his most noted song "Je t' non plus", but she pleaded him not to release their recording, so her vocals were replaced by Jane Birkin one year later.
17Was born at 5 place Violet in the 15th district of Paris.
18The Brazilian city of Búzios erected a statue of her in honor of her influence in popularizing the city.
19Brought into fashion the choucroute (sauerkraut) hairstyle.
20Once castrated a neighbor's donkey.
219/28/83: Took a handful of tranquilizers, washed them down with red wine and then wandered out to the Les Canoubiers beach, where she was later pulled from the surf. She was rushed to the nearby L'Oasis clinic, where her stomach was pumped before she was released that evening.
22Was romantically linked to actors Patrick Gilles, Sami Frey, Laurent Vergez and Warren Beatty, bartender/ski instructor Christian Kalt, club owner Luigi Rizzi, musician Bob Zagury, producer Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, sculptor Miroslav Brozek, singers Gilbert Bécaud, Serge Gainsbourg and Sacha Distel, and writer John Gilmore.
23Named Empire Magazine's #98 in the list of 100 Sexiest Stars. [2007]
24Recorded a special audio performance for the classic "Velveteen Rabbit", produced by Pierre Patrick for Connecticut Family Theatre (2007).
25Sang songs "Harley Davidson", "Je Me Donne A Qui Me Plait", "Bubble gum", "Contact", "Je Reviendrais Toujours Vers Toi", "L'Appareil A Sous", "La Madrague", "Le Soleil De Ma Vie", "On Demenage", "Sidonie", "Tu Veux, Tu Veux Pas".
26Sister of Mijanou Bardot.
27She and husband Bernard d'Ormale got married in a small town outside Oslo, Norway, where her son lives with his family.
28She has two granddaughters from her estranged son Nicolas' marriage to Anne-Line Bjerkan (daughter of a Norwegian diplomat): Anna (b. 1985) and Thea (b. 1990).
29Was Marianne de France, the bust of the most beautiful woman of a decade and she is also the symbol of liberty and the Republic, from 1969-78.
30Was charged with inciting racial hatred in her best-selling book "Un cri dans le silence" ("A cry in silence"), expressing worries about the "infiltration" of France by Islamic extremists. She could have faced a maximum prison term of one year, but was finally fined EUR 5,000. [2004]
31Her husband Bernard d'Ormale is a wealthy industrialist and supporter of the far-right French nationalist party Front National.
32She is one of the six surviving people mentioned by name in the 1989 Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire". The other five are Doris Day, Queen Elizabeth II, Chubby Checker, Bob Dylan and Bernard Goetz.
33Is a vegetarian.
34Breast cancer survivor.
35Recorded many popular songs in the '60s and '70s.
36One of the leading animal rights activists in the world and the head of "Fondation Brigitte Bardot", which is a foundation dedicated to animal rights.
37Retired from acting in 1973 at age 39 and has since been involved with various animal rights causes.
38Born to Louis Bardot (1896-1975), nicknamed Pilou, who graduated from an engineering school to go into the family business, which manufactured liquid air and acetylene, and Ann-Marie Mucel (1912-78), nicknamed Toty. Toty had studied theatre and dance as a young lady, while Pilou wrote poetry in his notebook and published several volumes.
39Mother of Nicolas-Jacques Charrier (born January 11, 1960), who was raised by his father's family and did not have contact with Bardot until his adulthood.
40Ranked #49 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]
41Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#9). [1995]


The Edifying and Joyous Story of Colinot1973Arabelle
Don Juan (Or If Don Juan Were a Woman)1973Jeanne
Frenchie King1971Louise
Rum Runners1971Linda Larue
Les novices1970Agnès
The Bear and the Doll1970Felicia
Les femmes1969Clara
Shalako1968Irina Lazaar
Spirits of the Dead1968Giuseppina (segment "William Wilson")
Two Weeks in September1967Cecile
Masculin Féminin1966Brigitte Bardot (uncredited)
Viva Maria!1965Maria I
Dear Brigitte1965Brigitte Bardot (uncredited)
Agent 38-24-361964Penelope 'Penny' Lightfeather
Contempt1963Camille Javal
Bande-annonce de 'Le mépris'1963Short
Love on a Pillow1962Geneviève Le Theil
A Very Private Affair1962Jill
Amours célèbres1961Agnès Bernauer (segment "Agnès Bernauer")
Please, Not Now!1961Sophie
The Truth1960Dominique Marceau
Testament of Orpheus1960Elle-même (uncredited)
Come Dance with Me!1959Virginie Dandieu
Babette Goes to War1959Babette
The Female1959Eva Marchand
Love Is My Profession1958Yvette Maudet
The Night Heaven Fell1958Ursula
La Parisienne1957Brigitte Laurier
...And God Created Woman1956Juliete Hardy
Her Bridal Night1956Chouchou
Plucking the Daisy1956Agnès Dumont
Nero's Mistress1956Poppea
Naughty Girl1956Brigitte Latour
Helen of Troy1956Andraste
The Light Across the Street1955Olivia Marceau
The Grand Maneuver1955Lucie
Doctor at Sea1955Hélène Colbert
School for Love1955Sophie Dimater
Caroline and the Rebels1955Pilar d'Aranda
Concert of Intrigue1954Anna
Royal Affairs in Versailles1954Mademoiselle de Rozille (uncredited)
Act of Love1953Mimi
His Father's Portrait1953Domino
Les dents longues1953La femme du témoin au mariage / Marriage Witness (uncredited)
The Girl in the Bikini1952Manina
Crazy for Love1952Javotte Lemoine


Mad Men2013TV Series performer - 1 episode
Amour & turbulences2013performer: "Ne me laisse pas l'aimer"
More Sex Please, We're British2012TV Movie documentary performer: "Moi Je Joue" - uncredited
8 Uhr 282010performer: "Ca Pourrait Changer"
Youth in Revolt2009performer: "Ça Pourrait Changer Don't You Ever Change Your Mind"
Banda sonora2008TV Series performer - 1 episode
Vivement dimanche2007TV Series performer - 1 episode
Rush Hour 32007performer: "Bonnie & Clyde"
Nynne2005performer: "Ne Me Laisse Pas L'amier"
Laurel Canyon2002performer: "Bonnie and Clyde" 1968
Jam2000TV Series performer: "Un Jour Comme Un Autre"
Tykho Moon1996performer: "Mister Sun"
De Serge Gainsbourg à Gainsbarre de 1958 - 19911994Video documentary performer: "Bonnie and Clyde"
À la recherche du paradis perdu1993Documentary performer: "Nue au Soleil"
Rum Runners1971performer: "Sur Le Boulevard Du Rhum", "Plaisir D'Amour"
Les Français écrivent aux Shadoks1969TV Series documentary short performer - 1 episode
Viva Maria!1965performer: "Paris ! Paris ! Paris !", "Ah ! Les p'tites Femmes de Paris", "Maria ! Maria !"
A Very Private Affair1962performer: "SIDONIE"
Doctor at Sea1955performer: "Je Ne Sais Pas"


Agent 38-24-361964co-producer - uncredited


1 a Minute2010Documentary acknowlegment: Breast Cancer Survivor
Dieter & Andreas1989Short grateful acknowledgment


L'invité2017TV SeriesHerself
Un jour, une histoire2014TV Series documentaryHerself
Vivement dimanche2004-2012TV SeriesHerself (Interview) / Herself - Main Guest
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Brigitte Bardot1968TV MovieHerself
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Report1967TV SeriesHerself
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À propos d'une star1964Documentary shortHerself
Le Parti des choses: Bardot et Godard1964ShortHerself
It Happened All Night1960Herself - Woman in Restaurant (uncredited)
Cinépanorama1956-1960TV Series documentaryHerself
Discorama1960TV SeriesHerself
Today1959TV SeriesHerself
Reflets de Cannes1955TV Series documentaryHerself

Archive Footage

20 heures le journal2007TV SeriesHerself
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Chacun son cinéma ou Ce petit coup au coeur quand la lumière s'éteint et que le film commence2007segment "Anna"

Won Awards

1961DavidDavid di Donatello AwardsBest Foreign Actress (Migliore Attrice Straniera)La vérité (1960)

Nominated Awards

1967BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Foreign ActressViva Maria! (1965)

3rd Place Awards

1958BambiBambi AwardsBest Actress - InternationalEt Dieu... créa la femme (1956)

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