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Known as was the greatest player using a charm as big as his 300 pound frame. Known as was the epitome of ghetto fantastic. The Notorious BIG climbed in the roads to the throne of Hip Hop. The was brought down with a damaging cycle of anxiety and violence. Shot down to the roads of la. It had been considered Suge Knight was behind the murder of Biggie Smalls. It is a black story of competition setting East against West. Nearly 20 years later Biggie’s family continues to be waiting for justice.

Biggie Smalls Net Worth $50 Million

Biggie Smalls, a vehicle pulled up next to the automobile he was win and shots rang out. The case continues to be open for nearly 20 years with the never-ending cycle of gossips and theories. Suge Knight has become the number 1 defendant for years but the LAPD did not bring the case to justice. There were lots of leads which were unfollowed.

It was only known as along with his mother who raised him. Christopher’s dad left when he was 2 so Voletta Wallace raised him as one parent. The single was a devout Christian and saved her teacher’s wages to sent Christopher to private school. But Bedstuy was a dangerous spot to grow up in the 1980’s. The roads was infested with crack heads and violence. In 1992 Christopher was signed to Uptown records. In August of 1993 Christopher and his girlfriend Jane had a baby girl they named Tiana. Christopher poured the narratives of his hustle and fight in his rhymes. While Christopher was recording his first record he started hanging out with one of hip hop’s fastest rising stars Tupac. When they met they became best friends.

For years Christopher’s mom would not let him leave their front stoop. At 13 Christopher joined the gang in the corner who gave him the nickname BIG and schooled him in the methods for hustling. When Christopher was 17 he found another gift, rapping. Christopher developed his skills by competing in rap conflicts in the street corner. Christopher dropped out of high school and began recording demo tapes with all the neighborhood DJ 50 gran and Big Daddy Kane’s DJ heard it and it got in the hands of editors in the Source magazine. Christopher was profiled within their unsigned column which captured the attention of Sean Puffy Combs. His rhymes met during a label picture shoot. Biggie proposed to her within weeks of meeting her. His rhymes were youthful and a little rebellious. His rhymes moved into an apartment in Brooklyn. But as his rhymes became increasingly more well-known the union broken up.

Ready joined the group Junior Mafia filled along with his whole buddies he hustled with and assured he’d help get on. Lil Kim was part of the group. Whoever was hungry enough to get it he’d get it for them. The group released their debut record Conspiracy in 1995. Biggie Smalls was besieged by pals as he entered the high life. But as Biggie Smalls got big even some of his buddies turned against him. The seeds of a war were put. Shakur received death threats continuously. He’d wake up every night dreading his life.

Sixteen days after his departure, Wallace’s double-cd second record was launched as intended together with the shortened name of Life After Death and hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts. Rumors of Wallace’s engagement with Shakur’s murder were reported nearly instantly. There he met his untimely fate.

Despite Biggie’s death his legacy lives on. Considered among the greatest musicians in rap music, Wallace was described by Allmusic as “the savior of East Coast hip hop”. The Source named Wallace the best rapper ever in 2001.

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