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Aubrey Drake Graham, who’s constantly entitled as Drake, is a Canadian recording artist, songwriter and rapper. Aubrey was born on 24th October 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. He’s frequently labeled as the new and present variations of Fresh Prince. His rapper approach and ability made him famous and helped him hold an eminent standing in the musical world. He’s famous and got recognition after playing a physically handicapped character in ‘Degrassi’ as Jimmy Brooks.

Aubrey Drake Graham Net Worth $45 Million

Drake is the son of well-known drummer Dennis Graham, who formerly used to work with Jerry Lee Lewis. Drake belongs to a interracial community where his dad is an African American and his mom is a white Jewish Canadian. Drake was brought up by his mom in Toronto since his parents got divorced when he was five years of age. Five years had finished his primary education from Forest Hill Public School and done higher education from Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, where he pursued an advanced course on performing. Drake used to spend his holidays with his dad in Memphis. Drake began composing lyrics of tunes since he was ten years of age.

Drake took a beginning as a little screen actor who played some little and a few lead characters in various TV series including Degrassi, Soul food, Conviction, Best Friend’s Celebrity, The Borders etc. The popularity and acclaim Drake got as an actor encouraged him to attempt his hands in the music world also. In 2006, his first mixtape ‘Room’ for Improvement premiered. It was made accessible through his official site and MySpace page. He did his first tune with Lil Wayne which was a remake of a classic tune ‘Man of the Year’. In 2008 he created an record ‘Heartbeat Drake’ which got a buzz for the musician. He apart from being rapper in addition has composed many tunes for Jazz Cartier, Bishop Brigante and Dr. Dre.

Drake got an excellent privilege to work with various well-known personalities like Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Little Brother, Kanya West, Robin Thicke, Mary J. Blige, and Jamie Foxx. In 2009, his unauthorized record The Girls adore Drake was on sale for iTunes. In 2009, nelly eventually signed a contract with Cash Money who was among the largest bidders ever and they released the record ‘Thank Me After’. The record sold about 447,000 copies in a single week. Nelly made this record after collaborating with Alicia Keyz, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. The largest accomplishment of Drake was during the release of ‘So Far Gone’ where he got 2000 downloads in only two hours after the launch. Drake is consistently amongst among the wealthiest men on the planet. His consistent performance being rapper helped him to accomplish that success.

Quoted Words:
Rappers are not the really wealthy ones. All of us have fine houses with studios and automobiles, but you need a piece of someone else’s company to be super rich.
I attempt to actually capitalize off of what other rappers actually can not do. You will find chances that rappers I adore just can not get, because… You know… I do not have the tats; I’ve a distinct picture.
I do not gauge my success anymore by the Grammys. I can not because I will only end up destroyed.
I am trendy with Jay-Z. Jay Z is truly my buddy.

This broke up was the cause of the launch of tune ‘Deceiving’ which was referring to her mom. Keshia also made a remix version of his old tune ‘Fallen’ by adding Keshia Keshia at the ending. Five years continues to be single.

Awards and Accomplishments:
2002: Won Young Artist Award
2011: Won Muchmusic video Award for ‘Locate Your Love’
2012: Won Muchmusic video Award for ‘The Slogan’
2013: Won Muchmusic video Award for ‘Began in the Base’, Won Grammy Award for ‘Take Care’ and Won BET Hip-Hop Prize for ‘Take Care’.

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