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Anna Kournikova Net Worth

Anna Kournikova Net Worth is
$50 Million

Anna Kournikova Bio/Wiki 2018

Anna Kournikova Net Worth $50 Million

Anna Kournikova is the name of the famous tennis player who’s symbolized as a mark of gorgeousness and fascination. Now, she’s a retired professional who had been a successful player in tennis world. Anna had been the amazing scorer in the Australian open twice tennis matches. Inspite of her every time failure in the singles, she own the 8th place amongst the entire world top tennis players. Her deadly appeal is recognized as a key to the uindustry but in accordance with the critics review on her performance she is considered as the largest loser in the sport heritage. Date Of Birth:June 07, 1981.

Anna being a star of double has being covering tremendous amount as prize for the matches in her tennis career along with her double partner Martina Hingis. During her modelling career, she was bestowed with among the most favourable deal depending on her operation delegated by ADIDAS brand for a signing amount of $50 Million. Let have a look to the gross income that she’s till datemade from her versatile talents as a tennis player, model and athlete are listed below:

Tennis matches $3.5 million Endorsement $15 million Modelling for unique brands like Multiway Sports Bra , Charles Schwab , Lycos, XSN Sports, Omega Watches Yonex Racquets And Pegasus. ADIDAS branding $50 Million Modelling duty.

Anna Kournikova is worried name ruling the double tennis tournament, she is adapted to lead a luxurious life in the lavish mansion residing in sunset place situated to the side of hip and refreshing Miami Island found in the posh property of Florida. The villa is adorned with the high lifted 7 big bedroom and 8 contemporary bathroom. The house was spread within an empty space of 6,630 sq. ft. And, in the bedroom that can get a clear view of the entire shore and boasted having an attractive architected guest house and resting quarter for the servant. The estates seem massive and fair deal with its big green trees all rounds along with the wooden work in the inside.

She is a fantastic philanthropist by heart and therefore loves to do something great for the mankind. And it was actually very bizarre, when put up her worn panty and bra in the market for sell for philanthropist purpose and it was purchased by among the famous businessman of Arab in a rate of $ 30000.

Fleet of her choice means the right combination of attractiveness, horsepower together with refined taste of inside. So, she enjoy to drive in her absolutely integrated black metallic coloured Cadillac Escalade that is regarded as the luxurious automobile in the SUV collection model that is just matchless to other celeb comfy ride. But normally to get a space ride she likes to go around the whole world on her private jet as her most luxurious ride.

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