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Charles Andrew Stanley is a senior pastor of various churches specifically North Point Community, Buckhead, and Browns Bridge Community. Moreover, being a pastor, he could be additionally conversationalist, a writer and originator of North Point Ministries. He’s also composed couple of novels like ‘Deep & Wide’, ‘Enemies of the Center’, ‘The Next Generation Leader’, ‘How Great Is Good Enough?’ and ‘The Grace of God’ are amongst his recent releases. In year 2009 January, Andy was chosen as the fourth speaker at National Prayer Service; he’s been a regular speaker at Willow Creek Association’s Global Leadership Summit. He lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife Sandra and three kids Andrew, Garrett and Allie. Sandra and Andy met when he talked to her youth fellowship group at Georgia Tech. He resisted requesting Sandra for a date but his buddy Gary Niebur, insisted to phone her. Shortly, they got married in August 1988 in Dublin, Sandra’s hometown. They are a happily married couple with no rumours or rumors about their divorce and nobody has ever learned about Andy relationships and never had a girlfriend before his wedding which proves him to be an honest husband and a most cordial loyal family man. Andy reaches residence at 4.30 to spend time with family during Andre, Garrett and Allie were growing up. Stanley has also co-developed a chain of successful leadership seminars, specifically drive and Catalyst. Drive is an occasion for training of church leaders and Catalyst is a secular, religious assembly, but with Christian overtones. Drive convention is an occasion for church leaders who are always switching gears to maintain the ethnic needs of ministry. At ‘drive’, individuals attend breakout sessions directed by the staff, hear Andy’s latest ideas on direction. Catalyst is the direction filter for what’s next in the church.

Date Of BirthNovember 22, 1880
Place Of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
ProfessionActor, Writer
SpouseMaude Moller


The Missing Guest1938Dr. Carroll
Little Tough Guy1938District Attorney (uncredited)
Racket Busters1938Second Doctor - Cotwald Sanitarium (uncredited)
Strange Glory1938Short uncredited
Always Goodbye1938Decorator (uncredited)
Speed to Burn1938Detective (uncredited)
Wives Under Suspicion1938Forbes - Second Judge (uncredited)
The Fighting Devil Dogs1938The Lightning (Chs. 2-12) (voice, uncredited)
Alexander's Ragtime Band1938Critic in Army Show Audience (uncredited)
Accidents Will Happen1938Judge (uncredited)
The Nurse from Brooklyn1938Ballistics Expert (uncredited)
Mr. Moto's Gamble1938Doctor (uncredited)
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars1938General Rankin [Chs. 1, 9] (uncredited)
Love on a Budget1938Committeeman Emmett (uncredited)
Mad About Music1938Defense Attorney, Film Within a Film (uncredited)
Born to Be Wild1938Randolph
International Settlement1938Doctor (uncredited)
The Buccaneer1938Dolly Madison's Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Missing Witnesses1937Grand Jury Foreman (uncredited)
The Jones Family in Borrowing Trouble1937Haynes (uncredited)
Beg, Borrow or Steal1937Minister (uncredited)
Merry-Go-Round of 19381937Doctor (uncredited)
Some Blondes Are Dangerous1937Reilly
Behind the Criminal1937ShortDistrict Attorney Lewis Garrett (uncredited)
Alcatraz Island1937Second Trial United States Attorney (uncredited)
Love Is on the Air1937Mr. Brown - KDTS Lawyer (uncredited)
Charlie Chan on Broadway1937Lab Technician (uncredited)
The Women Men Marry1937Charley (uncredited)
The Man Who Cried Wolf1937Defense Attorney (uncredited)
The Footloose Heiress1937Mr. Clark (uncredited)
She's No Lady1937Butler (uncredited)
Stella Dallas1937Helen's Butler (uncredited)
West Bound Limited1937Judge (uncredited)
Easy Living1937Second Partner (uncredited)
Behind the Headlines1937Mr. Denning (uncredited)
Let Them Live1937Roberts (uncredited)
Marked Woman1937Det. Casey
Dick Tracy1937Walter Odette
Once a Doctor1937Dr. Adams (as Ed. Stanley)
Lady from Nowhere1936Editor (as Ed Stanley)
The Mandarin Mystery1936Howard Bronson
Winterset1936Courtroom Witness (uncredited)
The Accusing Finger1936Fingerprint Expert (uncredited)
The Public Pays1936ShortJohn Allgren, Department of Justice (uncredited)
Libeled Lady1936Clerk (uncredited)
Stage Struck1936Eugene (uncredited)
Trailin' West1936Maj. Pinkerton (as Ed. Stanley)
Second Wife19363rd Partner (uncredited)
China Clipper1936Airplane Designer (uncredited)
My American Wife1936Party Guest (uncredited)
Jailbreak1936Judge (uncredited)
Hot Money1936Joe Thomas (as Ed. Stanley)
Two Against the World1936Board Chairman (uncredited)
The Final Hour1936District Attorney Robertson (uncredited)
The White Angel1936Minor Role (uncredited)
And Sudden Death1936Dr. Grayson (uncredited)
Parole!1936Bank President (uncredited)
Bullets or Ballots1936Judge in Newsreel (uncredited)
The Law in Her Hands1936First Trial Judge (uncredited)
Sky Parade1936Prof. Ed Manderson (uncredited)
Gentle Julia1936Mr. Atwater (uncredited)
Man of Iron1935Doctor (uncredited)
Your Uncle Dudley1935Businessman (uncredited)
One-Way Ticket1935Airline Official (uncredited)
The Daring Young Man1935Assistant Editor (uncredited)
Stranded1935Police Surgeon (uncredited)
Black Sheep1935Oscar's Friend (uncredited)
People Will Talk1935Mr. Simpson (uncredited)
Strangers All1935Policeman in Film (uncredited)
Princess O'Hara1935Prosecuting Attorney (uncredited)
A Night at the Ritz1935Doctor (uncredited)
Jealousy1934Ringside Radio Reporter (uncredited)
Marie Galante1934Sympathetic American (uncredited)
You Belong to Me1934Major Hurley - School Commandant
The Life of Vergie Winters1934Mr. Truesdale
Now I'll Tell1934Willie Coffey (uncredited)
Upperworld1934Joe--Fingerprint Expert (uncredited)
The Big Shakedown1934Harris, Board Member (uncredited)
Let's Fall in Love1933Roland Markwell (uncredited)
From Headquarters1933Jones - Forensic Expert (uncredited)
College Coach1933Regent (uncredited)
My Woman1933Harry Mason--Studio Manager (uncredited)
Wild Boys of the Road1933Merchant (uncredited)
Ann Carver's Profession1933Clarkson - Bill's Boss (uncredited)
International House1933Mr. Rollins - Electric Company Boss (uncredited)
Murders in the Zoo1933Doctor (uncredited)
Treason1933District Attorney
Lucky Devils1933Mr. Spence - A Director
No Other Woman1933Judge
Rockabye1932Defense Attorney (uncredited)
If I Had a Million1932Mr. Galloway - Bank Manager (uncredited)
Virtue1932District Attorney
Amateur Daddy19321st Fred Smith
Scandal for Sale1932Hotel Resident (uncredited)
Life1920Dennis O'Brien
The Love Auction1919Jack Harley
Every Mother's Son1918Eldest Son
Marriages Are Made1918James Morton
The Honest Thief1918Short as Ed Stanley
Just a Woman1918Fred Howard
Miss Deception1917Tom Norton
The Law of Compensation1917Raymond Wells
The Dummy1917Mr. Meredith
King Lear1916Edgar
Divorce and the Daughter1916Dr. John Osborne
The Fear of Poverty1916Alfred Griffin
For Uncle Sam's Navy1916ShortThe Lieutenant
A Man's Sins1916ShortThe Young Doctor
The Spirit of the Game1916ShortDick Thorton
The Phantom Witness1916ShortDavid Thayer, Her Lover
Two Years Before the Mast1946Blake (uncredited)
Incendiary Blonde1945Mr. Zweigler (uncredited)
Conflict1945Phillips (as Ed Stanley)
Youth on Trial1945Commissioner Collins (uncredited)
Faces in the Fog1944Fairbanks, Juror (uncredited)
And Now Tomorrow1944Mr. Raines (uncredited)
The Princess and the Pirate1944Captain of the King's Ship (uncredited)
The Missing Juror1944Prison Warden (uncredited)
Heavenly Days1944Vice President Wallace (uncredited)
Strange Affair1944Dr. Parrish (uncredited)
Louisiana Hayride1944Producer (uncredited)
Christmas Holiday1944Room Clerk (uncredited)
Jamboree1944Sam Smith
Follow the Boys1944Taylor (uncredited)
Buffalo Bill1944Doctor (uncredited)
Prices Unlimited1944Short uncredited
Ladies Courageous1944uncredited
The Racket Man1944Doctor (uncredited)
Standing Room Only1944Guest at Ritchie Home (uncredited)
O, My Darling Clementine1943Hartfield
The Song of Bernadette1943Mr. Jones (uncredited)
Minesweeper1943Officer (uncredited)
Johnny Come Lately1943Winterbottom
Journey to Yesterday1943ShortDr. William Craford Gorgas
Yanks Ahoy1943Dr. Hadley (uncredited)
A Stranger in Town1943Supreme Court Justice (uncredited)
Submarine Alert1943Commanding Officer at Finish (uncredited)
Flight for Freedom1943Rear Admiral Gage (uncredited)
Air Force1943Doctor Attending Quincannon (uncredited)
Shadow of a Doubt1943Mr. Green - Bank President (uncredited)
Ice-Capades Revue1942Otis (uncredited)
Keep 'Em Sailing1942ShortArnold M. Bishop (uncredited)
Seven Miles from Alcatraz1942Prison Warden (uncredited)
Gentleman Jim1942Bank President McInnes (uncredited)
Girl Trouble1942Lehman
The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe1942Dr. Moran (as Ed Stanley)
Private Buckaroo1942Maj. Evans (uncredited)
Syncopation1942Goodwill's Attorney (uncredited)
Small Town Deb1942Mr. Blakely
Drums of the Congo1942Col. S.C. Robinson (as Ed Stanley)
This Gun for Hire1942Police Captain at Train Station (uncredited)
Fingers at the Window1942Hospital Doctor (uncredited)
Who Is Hope Schuyler?1942Gillian Stafford
Pardon My Stripes1942Andrews
A Gentleman at Heart1942Beecham - Art Expert (uncredited)
Blue, White and Perfect1942Ship's Doctor (uncredited)
Sealed Lips1942Warden (as Ed Stanley)
The Man Who Came to Dinner1942John
The Night of January 16th1941Hemingway
Lydia1941Dignitary on Podium (uncredited)
Navy Blues1941Rear Admiral (uncredited)
Private Nurse1941Doctor (uncredited)
Ice-Capades1941Lawyer (uncredited)
Bad Men of Missouri1941Prison Doctor (uncredited)
Citadel of Crime1941Undetermined Supporting Role (uncredited)
Mountain Moonlight1941Randolph
Sergeant York1941Editor (uncredited)
Caught in the Draft1941Medical Examiner (uncredited)
Hurry, Charlie, Hurry1941Mr. Mortimer Whitley (uncredited)
Under Age1941Judge (as Ed Stanley)
Rookies on Parade1941Officer (uncredited)
Men of Boys Town1941Dr. Carlton (uncredited)
Mr. District Attorney1941Public Defender (uncredited)
Meet John Doe1941Democrat (uncredited)
A Man Betrayed1941Prosecutor (as Ed Stanley)
Flight from Destiny1941Doctor (uncredited)
Ride, Kelly, Ride1941Steward
Arkansas Judge1941Judge Elmer Carruthers
The Face Behind the Mask1941Dr. Alex Beckett (uncredited)
Lucky Devils1941Official (uncredited)
Where Did You Get That Girl?1941Harper (uncredited)
Behind the News1940Judge #2 (uncredited)
Mysterious Doctor Satan1940Col. Bevans
Kiddie Kure1940ShortDr. Malcolm Scott
Street of Memories1940Judge (uncredited)
Youth Will Be Served1940CCC Camp Major
Always a Bride1940scenes deleted
East of the River1940Commencement Speaker (uncredited)
The Quarterback1940Interne (uncredited)
Knute Rockne All American1940Committee Member (uncredited)
Diamond Frontier1940Judge (as Ed Stanley)
I Want a Divorce1940Minister (uncredited)
Service with the Colors1940ShortTom's Father (uncredited)
Manhattan Heartbeat1940Official (uncredited)
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante1940Judge (uncredited)
Private Affairs1940Floor Manager (uncredited)
Queen of the Mob1940Federal Prosecuting Attorney (uncredited)
The Man Who Talked Too Much1940District Attorney Nelson (as Ed Stanley)
Babies for Sale1940Mr. Edwards
Murder in the Air1940Congressman Courtney Rice (uncredited)
Hot Steel1940Bank Director
Johnny Apollo1940Stock Exchange Official (uncredited)
Black Friday1940Dr. Warner (uncredited)
Charlie Chan in Panama1940Governor Webster
The Man from Dakota1940Union Major Shot Trying to Escape (uncredited)
Parole Fixer1940Jergens (uncredited)
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk1940Officer (uncredited)
Old Hickory1939ShortRobert Hayno (uncredited)
The Big Guy1939Judge (uncredited)
Remember?1939Doctor (scenes deleted)
Too Busy to Work1939Frazier
20,000 Men a Year1939Chief Pilot Lawson (uncredited)
The Phantom Creeps1939Dr. Fred Mallory
The Monroe Doctrine1939ShortPresident James K. Polk
Sabotage1939Undetermined Supporting Role (uncredited)
Eternally Yours1939Reno Lawyer Jones (uncredited)
Ninotchka1939Soviet Lawyer (uncredited)
Espionage Agent1939Secretary of State
The Star Maker1939Gerry Member (as Ed Stanley)
Lady of the Tropics1939Mr. Hype (uncredited)
When Tomorrow Comes1939Man on Bus With Child (uncredited)
Mutiny on the Blackhawk1939Chief of Army Intelligence (uncredited)
Unexpected Father1939Dr. Evans (uncredited)
Charlie Chan in Reno1939Police Chemist (uncredited)
Undercover Doctor1939Leery (uncredited)
Confessions of a Nazi Spy1939U.S. Official (uncredited)
Union Pacific1939Businessman at Financiers' Meeting (uncredited)
Mr. Moto in Danger Island1939Doctor (uncredited)
Money to Loan1939ShortMcCormick (uncredited)
I Was a Convict1939Dr. Craile
Tail Spin1939Doctor (uncredited)
Scouts to the Rescue1939Pat Scanlon
King of the Underworld1939Dr. Jacobs (as Ed Stanley)
Kentucky1938Banker (uncredited)
Newsboys' Home1938Bailey (uncredited)
Sweethearts1938Man in Lobby (uncredited)
The Little Adventuress1938Tom Walton (uncredited)
Comet Over Broadway1938Doctor (uncredited)
Road Demon1938Doctor (uncredited)
The Shining Hour1938Minister Performing Wedding (uncredited)
Adventure in Sahara1938Dr. Renault (uncredited)
Girls on Probation1938Sutton (uncredited)
The Sisters1938Doctor (uncredited)
Young Dr. Kildare1938Resident Doctor (uncredited)
Flight to Fame1938Minor Role (uncredited)
Too Hot to Handle1938Second Advertising Man (uncredited)
Billy the Kid Returns1938Nathaniel Moore
You Can't Take It with You1938Executive (uncredited)


Men of Steel1938Short original idea - as Eddie Stanley

Archive Footage

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness2010TV Series documentaryDr. Fred Mallory
Dick Tracy1990TV MovieWalter Odette
Dr. Satan's Robot1966TV MovieBevans
The Phantom Creeps1949TV MovieDr. Fred Mallory
Mars Attacks the World1938Gen. Rankin

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