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Andrew Carnegie Net Worth $5 Billion

The past is full of mystical and uplifting people, some inspirational originators others globe trotters but what interests us the most is the businessmen that shaped the world into what it’s now. One such iconic businessman and trailblazer is Andrew Carnegie who ended up the richest man of his time even though he was born into poverty. He was the biggest tycoon of the steel industry establishing his empire at the fall of America’s economy at the ending of the 1800’s. His brains supported and financed elements of the 20th century such as the innovation of insulin and also the development of ‘Sesame Street’ along with a number of other things.

Date Of Birth: November 25, 1835. Passed Away : August 11, 1919.

Carnegie was an entrepreneur, and tycoon who’s responsible for most of the iron and steel sold in the American subcontinent. Today His net Worth would be close to $310 billion (corrected for inflation) which would give him the title of 4th richest man of all time. Starting off as a telegrapher he acquired investments in the railing and oil derricks and went to create his business of iron and steel which became the biggest of its type in his own lifetime.

Carnegie was an iron and steel tycoon which granted a majority of his income in the government sector and sometimes even the private. His companies were the first to strike a market capitalization of over $1 Billion. Carnegie was an excellent businessman and made a tidy gain through bonds after he sold his business after his retirement plus a percentage of his riches was from gold bonds which he received a 5% interest as he had held on to it. Carnegie gave away close to half of his fortune through philanthropy and is regarded as the angel of the 19th century, close to $350 million which was dedicated to constructing libraries and much more. Together he defeated the world through his wealth, his business development and finally through his love for sharing making this world a lot better to live in.

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