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Anas Sefrioui Net Worth

Anas Sefrioui Net Worth is
$1.1 Billion

Anas Sefrioui Bio/Wiki 2018

Anas Sefrioui Net Worth $1.3 Billion

The late King Hassan is the third richest individual in Morocco and 1107th on earth. Produced on May 16, 1957 in Fes, Morocco, he was a high school dropout who subsequently went to assist his dad. He made his big break when he got a contract to construct more than 2,000 government-subsidized housing under the late King Hassan II. In 2005, the late King Hassan gained a $1 billion state contract to build more housing components which added to his earnings. His affordable housing project is becoming helpful information to the real-estate development in the United Arab Emirates. The company subsequently went public the following year. After six years, the late King Hassan expanded into Ivory Coast, Guinea-Conakry and Cameroon while assembling cement plants. Now, Sefrioui is the General President of Groupe Addoha where he also owns a $61.7% stake at the corporate enterprise with an estimated value of $2.3 million. However, shares in the company have fallen in the prior year taking $300 million from his net worth.

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