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Allen Haff Net Worth

Allen Haff Net Worth is
$1 Million

Allen Haff Bio/Wiki 2018

Allen Haff is a second generation antique dealer and collector, and reality television star who has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He’s brought in his net worth with more than 20 years of expertise in the business. The show documents the careers of men and women in the auction industry. It also follows Haff and his business associate Ton Jones as they move around southern California as they place bids on storage units that have been left by their renters. The show is quite just like other reality TV shows for example Storage Wars where professional buyers place bids on storage units without knowing exactly what is inside them. The bid relies instead on a cursory assessment of the unit for just a couple of minutes from the exterior looking in.

Allen Haff Net Worth $1 Million

With Auction Hunters, each episode follows Haff and Jones as they go around analyzing storage units and going to auctions, place bids, win auctions, and appraise and sell the things that they have discovered and collected. Although business is somewhat profitable on television, it is a bit opposite in the actual sense. According to Haff, the majority of components he ends up purchasing don’t generally turn again.

Besides Auction Hunters, Allen Haff has additionally appeared on Style Network’s Clean House, has been featured in The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, and served as a host on HGTV’s hit show My House is Worth What?

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