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Al Waleed Bin Talal Net Worth

Al Waleed Bin Talal Net Worth is
$1.4 Million

Al Waleed Bin Talal Bio/Wiki 2018

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal could be the grandson of King Abdulaziz. Besides this the Prince possessed a Airbus A380 jet plane with parking space for prince’s Rolls Royce. Prince now possesses a limited edition Mini corporate jet worth over $300 million. and another private jet Boeing 747 with customized inside including two bedrooms worth over $400 million. The ultra Wealthy prince of Saudi Al- Waleed possesses more then 300 Ferrari which is most exotic and lavish automobile ever constructed.

Al Waleed Bin Talal Net Worth $21.4 Billion

Besides common alloy made cars and motorcycles driven on the roads, The billionaire Saudi prince possesses a $4.8 million worth diamond studded Ducati sports motorcycle. The motorcycle is somewhat crafted by Lead Crystals and partly by diamonds. Besides this the prince additionally possesses a diamond studded Mercedes SL600 worth over $20 million.

This Yacht that prince purchased in 1991 for $40 million additionally appeared in films like “Never say Never Again as the Flying Saucer” The yacht was initially constructed in 1980 at the price of $100 million and was called Nabila. Yet the prince changed the Yacht’s name to Kingdom 5kr. The yacht features a disco, a helipad, a theatre house, a pool and 11 guest suits and a number of other high-end rooms. The yacht can hold over 50 individuals including crew.

Al Waleed made another investment of $500 million on a fresh gaga Yacht called The New Kingdom 5KR. This Yacht is 557 feet long and is the third biggest Yacht on the planet. In 2013, Al Waleed was ranked as the most powerful Arab On Earth by Arabian Business. and the exact same year Forbes Magazine listed him as the 26th wealthiest man of the World having an estimated net worth of $20 million in 2013.

After finishing his graduation, Alwaleed returned to Saudi Arabia to create his company in the year 1979. Forbes began running from a modest office in Riyadh, which happens to be his birth place and slowly he became a master at building contracts and cracking property deals. During that interval Saudi was at the center of Petroleum boom, thus petroleum boom made lots of bundle for the prince. After the close of the boom, he thought of altering his company strategy and took over an under performing Saudi bank called Saudi Commercial Bank.

He started his job as an investor in the year 1991 when he bought shares of Citicorp when the firm was facing monitory disaster. Today he’s a share of over $1 billion in Citicorp shares. He soon started investing his enormous wealth into several existing businesses. It was reported that the prince possesses 5% of News Corporation and by the year 2007 Al Waleed ended up possessing 7% of News corporation which comes down to $3 billion. Post fiscal disaster Al Waleed made another investment into Citicrop and took his position from 10% to 14.9% . After Alwaleed made enormous investments in large firms like Fox News, Motorola, Apple, Aol, Eastman Kodak and TWA to name some. Yet he sold his position in Apple in 2005.

Besides investing into large businesses, Al Waleed made holding in property at the same time. Al-Waleed hold an enormous share in the Plaza Hotel chain in The Big Apple, yet he sold half of his share later in 2004. Al-Waleed made another real estate investment in Monte Carlo Grand Resort and Savoy Hotel in Monaco and London respectively. Now he possesses a 10% stake in a Disney SCA that is possessed by Disneyland Paris. Besides all these investments Al Waleed possesses 35% of SRMG, and has made an investment of over $300 million in Twitter. which equals to 3% of the overall share of Twitter valued at over $8 billion.

Besides this Al Waleed first got married to Talal Bint Saud the daughter of King Saud. The couple jointly have two kids named Reem and Khalid, yet things went angry and the couple decided to part ways over undisclosed reason. They’re now Divorced. Prince after got married to Princess Ameerah in 2006. The couple do not have any kids yet but they’re happily wed.

Alwaleed possesses a Promotion palace in Riyadh. This palace is mainly use with the aim of Public relationship actions and thus the name implies is called Promotion palace. The house has gold plated faucets and is residence of more then 500 TV sets. Besides this the house features a pool and a theater hall that can accommodate 45 people. The prince also possesses a place called Kingdom Oasis situated in Janadriyah. The palace continues to be under contraction. But this high-end palace is likely to maintain the spread of 4,000,000 Square meters and will contain a 70,000 square meter lake and a private Zoo. The Saudi prince bought his Turin Mansion in 2009. This mansion found on the inclines of Turin hills is most fascinating in the Europe. The property may be worth over $600 million. Kingdom Resort is the place where the prince entertains his high profile guests.

The Billionaire prince apart from spending his wealth on extravagance believes in gift also. He could be connected with Al-Waleed bin talal Humanitarian Foundation which offers help to Lebanese individuals for well-being, schooling and societal development. He also created a research center at universities in Arab. The foundation works towards preservation of Islamic Cultural and artistic Tradition around the World.

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