What is Melissa Rauch bra size?

Melissa Rauch bra size – 40DDD

Melissa Ivy Rauch was born 32 years ago, June 23, 1980. She is still quite young, yet already is quite famous in America. She is playing role in “Big Bang Theory” TV show.

This TV show skyrocketing all TV charts with its popularity. She is playing a girlfriend of Howard Wolowitz, another famous actor in “Big Bang Theory” TV show.

Melissa Rauch is quite small girl yet has huge breasts. She usually appears with V Neck sweaters and T-shirts, this resulted many fans around the globe to speculate about Melissa Rauch bra size.

Well, to be honest her breasts are not that huge, but since she is so tiny – contrast is playing a lot in this case. Actress was born in Marlboro, New Jersey, United States.

Big Bang theory is her first big time acting job.


Once and for all – Melissa Rauch bra size is – 28HH/28J

melissa rauch bra size
melissa rauch bra size
Melissa Rauch bra size
Melissa Rauch bra size