Meg Ryan plastic surgery

Meg Ryan plastic surgery – was it successful?

Do you remember Meg Ryan in a film When a Man Loves a Woman? What a beauty! Now, when almost 20 years have past, there are a lot of different and younger actresses who have won over the Hollywood. And Meg Ryan’s star doesn’t shine so bright anymore. Meg Ryan plastic surgery now is more discussed topic than her roles in a cinema. What a shame!

Meg Ryan was raised in a family for whom the theatre, movies and the stage were not something unusual. Her mother Susan Jordan was a former actress and a teacher and worked as an assistant casting director in New York City. Her mother was the one person that encouraged Meg Ryan to study acting. She believed in her daughter’s talent and success all the way. But Meg decided to study journalism and acted in television only to earn some extra money for the living. She was so successful, that later skipped a semester due to her achievements.

Meg Ryan is best known for her roles in Promised Land, When Harry Met Sally, The Doors, Sleepless in Seattle, When a Man Loves a Woman, City of Angels and others. The role of Sally earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 1989. Her success was sudden and huge. She was and still is loved by her fans, her friends and colleagues. In 90’s she was probably every director’s first choice to play romantic roles, because people and screen adored her.
Now Meg Ryan is 51 years old and her great success has slowly faded. She stopped acting in movies: her last appearance in a film was in 2009, in TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm, where she played herself. Maybe since she stopped acting, the most discussable topic about actress became Meg Ryan plastic surgery? Some even say that her early decline is a sequel of her plastic surgeries. She lost her charming looks and people attention. When comparing her early photos with the most current ones, the difference is more than obvious.

You don’t have to be a specialist to notice Meg Ryan plastic surgery. Lip implant, volumetric face lift and other “improvements”. Despite her age, Meg Ryan has a flawless skin that even younger women could be jealous of it. Rumors has it, that Meg Ryan also undergone neck lift and forehead procedures. Now it is an open secret that Meg Ryan joined the plastic surgeries flock in Hollywood along with other actors and actresses.

Take a look and decide if Meg Ryan plastic surgery is truly an awful one.

Meg Ryan plastic surgery
Meg Ryan plastic surgery
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