Justin Biebers house

Nowadays Justin Bieber is one of the most popular pop singers in the world. His fans are interested about all the details about his life. They are interested even in such things like where is Justin Biebers house. All his fans are dreaming about meeting with the idol and seeing his house. The house is really worth dreaming to see it because it looks fantastic.
Despite the fact that Justin is only 18 and many boys at this age are dreaming about their first car or new laptop, Justin has reached more. The idol had already bought a house. Because of his popularity, Justin is a multimillionaire and he does not need to save money, so

it is not a surprise that he bought the house of his dreams. He earns about $300000 at one concert, and he is also getting the money from the companies which are selling the thing called his name, like headphones, cups, bags, and thousands of other things. Because of such popularity, Justin really does not have to care about his expenses. He is driving the luxury car and he has a striking house. What else he could want in his life?
Justin Biebers house is located in very nice place in the suburb of California, Calabasas. The house is well known because there also live Kardashian family. Before Justin had bought this house, it belonged to Nicole, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife.

Justin Biebers house is worth nearly million Dollars!

The house is amazing. It is worth six million dollar. Undoubtedly the house is worth his price because it looks fantastic. There is a library, a comfortable move theater, a wine cellar, a wet bar. There is also a huge pool and guest house in the yard. There are also two garages and each of them is for three cars, because Justin is starting to collect the cars. There are also eight bathrooms, six fireplaces, even bedrooms, vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. The view through the window is beautiful, so it is very comfortable to sit near the fireplace and look to the sunrise in the evening. The house is secured well because there are strong gates on the entrance to the area.
Even if Justin Biebers house is amazing, he is dreaming to improve it more. One of the things he is planning to do is to install a digital system, allowing control the area using his fingertips. The control will include even such things like the blinds or the locked door.
Justin is also dreaming about the cinema theatre and games room in his house. The cinema theatre would be huge, in the public cinemas. The games room would have the newest consoles and arcade machines.
No one knows how long Justin is going to live in this house. It is likely that after several years we will read about new Justin Biebers house which will be again bigger and more luxurious.

justin biebers house