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Do you want to see Jeffree Star without makeup? There are many people who want that. However, it seems that it is impossible. There are no photos on the Internet of Jeffree Star without makeup. What Jeffree Star thinks about such people who are crazy about staring at the photos of stars without makeup? The answer is one: she hates them.

Once she gave an answer for all those people who want to see Jeffree Star without makeup.

Jeffree says that the people will never see such photos because of a number of reasons. Why? Because Jeffree Star without makeup is not the same person. She adores to look at the mirror and to see her face with bright makeup. She also says that when is wearing makeup, she feels alive and womanly. If there is no any makeup on her face, she thinks that she looks stupid.

Some people think that Jeffree Star without makeup is not appearing in the public because she is blush to show her face for the people. As she says, it is not true. Jeffree does not seek to look sexy or amazing. The only reason why she is always wearing makeup is that then she feels good.
Jeffree Star is really exclusive person. Her image is not similar to other stars and she hates if someone is trying to copy her style or her thoughts.

According to Jeffree it is normal to love makeup. While other people love skating, smoking or playing games, she just loves the makeup on her face.

In Jeffree opinion, it is natural that the women are using makeup. The good makeup makes the women beautiful. Jeffree Star claims that she likes to see the elegant woman with perfect makeup while the women without makeup are not attractive.

However, Jeffree’s thinking about makeup is not sick. She agrees that the excessive using of makeup is not healthy. Especially Jeffree Star does not like the people whose tan is too bright. Jeffree thinks that it is not healthy to harm your skin by inordinate tanning.

Finally, knowing her opinion, it is not likely that we will see Jeffree Star without makeup. However, it is her choice. The more efforts she makes to hide her face, the more interesting she is for the paparazzi. Maybe it’s the main her aim, to keep the interest of the journalists and of the paparazzi?

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