Be amazed! – Anne Hathaway bra size revealed!

Anne Hathaway bra size – 34C

Yet another beautiful young lady came forward to us. She is now under our radar ready to reveal some hot details. We are about to disclose what is Anne Hathaway bra size – keen to find out? Keep reading.

I bet many of you know who Anne Hathaway is. She is very famous young actress – American actress, yet known not only in USA lands. She first appeared in the 1999 Television series “Get Real”. This was a big break for the celebrity.
Anne Hathaway is 30 years old – was born November 12, 1982 in the very heart – Brooklyn.
Anne Hathaway height is 1.73 (5’8”) – which is quite a lot for a female, and she is about 10 cm taller than average female.
Movies she played in:
The Dark Knight Rises
Les Misérables
Love and Other Drugs
One Day
The Devil Wears Prada

There are some gossips about Anne Hathaway plastic surgery, yet none of them are confirmed.
The celebrity doesn’t own huge boobs – yet many fans are so interested to find out how big is Anne Hathaway bra size.

Once and for all – Anne Hathaway bra size is – 34C




Anne Hathaway bra size
Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway